Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "A Clean Sweep".

A Clean Sweep

(Outside Wubbzy's treehouse)

Wubbzy: Wow wow, everybody. Today is clean-up day. And here's my list of chores. Wow. Well cleaning is boring. But the sooner I finish, the sooner I can play. *Bouncing*

*Wheels squeaking*

Wubbzy: First thing's first. Mow the lawn

*Horn honking, engine running, wheels squeal*

Wubbzy: The mail!

Mailman: Special delivery, Wubbzy. For you.

Wubbzy: Wow, thanks. I think I know what this is... *Bouncing* Yes! It's my brand-new kickety-kick ball. *Boing* Welcome to your new home. *Bounces ball* Wow..! *Bouncing ball, kick*

*Crash, crash*

Wubbzy: Oopsy! *Boing, kick*

*Crash, crash, crash*



Wubbzy: Wow. I'd better clean up that mess... After I finish playing with my new kickety-kick ball! *Kick*


*Phone rings*

*Bird tweets*


Wubbzy: Hey, come back here!


*Bird pecking rubber*

Wubbzy: *Boing* Gotcha!

Walden: Hey, Wubbzy.

Wubbzy: Wow wow, Walden. Look. I got a brand-new kickety-kick ball.

Walden: Very interesting. But you really should mow this lawn, Wubbzy. That grass is getting pretty high.

Wubbzy: I will... As soon as I finish playing. Wa-hoo!! *Kick*


Wubbzy: *Bouncing*

Walden: *Chuckles*

(Wubbzy's treehouse, living room)

*Ball bouncing*

Wubbzy: *Laughing* Woo-hoo! *Kick*


Wubbzy: Wee!

*Ball bouncing*


Wubbzy: Woo-hoo! *Bouncing tail, laughing*

*BOING, crash*

Wubbzy: Wee! Yippee!


Wubbzy: Woo-hoo!


Wubbzy: Yay!

(That night...)


Wubbzy: *Giggling*


Wubbzy: Yippety-yippee!

*Ball bouncing, crash*

Wubbzy: Woo-hoo! Wee! *Bouncing tail*

*Crashing, clattering*

(That morning...)

Wubbzy: *Sighs* I need a drink of water. Wow. I'd better wash the dishes... After I finish playing with my- *Gasps* Hey. Kickety-kick ball! Where are you!? *Gasps* Oh, no! It's gotta be here somewhere. It's not here. It's not here either. I don't see it. I know, I'll call Widget. She'll know how to find my kickety-kick ball.


Monkey: *Chattering*

*Engine whirring*

Widget: Oh oh my golly, what happened in here? Wubbzy, where are you, little buddy!? ...

Wubbzy: It's not in there, either.

Widget: Well, no wonder you can't find your kickety-kick ball. I could barely find you.

Wubbzy: I guess the house is a little messy.

Widget: Before we go any further, we need to do some cleaning.

Wubbzy: But cleaning is so boring.

Widget: Not with my latest invention. *Beep*

*Wheels squeaking*

Widget: The Clean-O-Matic 3000. This little puppy'll clean things up in no time. *Beep*

Clean-O-Matic 3000: *Beeping, whirring, vacuuming, stretching*

Wubbzy: Uh, Widget?

Widget: Not now, Wubbzy. I am busy, busy, busy.

Clean-O-Matic 3000: *Vacuuming, stretching*

Wubbzy: But, Widget...

Clean-O-Matic 3000: *Stretching, BOOM*


Widget: Mm, that wasn't supposed to happen.

Wubbzy: It's an even bigger mess than before. I'll never find my kickety-kick ball now.

Walden: My my my, it's a jungle out there. And it's even worse in here. What happened?

Wubbzy: I was so busy playing with my brand-new kickety-kick ball, that I forgot to clean up. Widget tried to help,

Broken Clean-O-Matic 3000: *Popping*

Wubbzy: but it kinda backfired.

Walden: So I see. Oh! I guess we'll just have to clean up the old-fashioned way.

Wubbzy: Oh! But cleaning is so boring.

Walden: Cleaning doesn't have to be boring. As a matter of fact, it can be more fun than a barrel of-

Monkey: *Chattering, squawking*

Walden: Monkeys?


Walden: Okay, our first game is called "Hamper Hoops". Let's see who can make the most shots.

*Clothe ball hits hamper*

Wubbzy: Yes! *Bouncing* He shoots!

*Clothe ball hits hamper*

Wubbzy: And it's good! *Bouncing* Over the shoulder.

*Clothe balls hits hamper*

Wubbzy: Ka-bingo!

Widget: Whoops. Nope. Uh-oh.


Walden: Sponge Skating is a great way to clean a dirty floor.

*Sponges squishing*

Wubbzy: Whee!!

Walden: *Squeals*

Wubbzy: Wow!

(Outside, grassy lawn)

Walden: A lawn mower race will clean up this jungle in no time. Ready, set... Go!

*Mowers buzzing*

Wubbzy: Wow!



Wubbzy: Wow!


(Living room)

Widget & Walden: *Snoring*

Wubbzy: Phew! All that cleaning has made me thirsty. Hey! Look what I found! *Bouncing tail* My kickety-kick ball! Let's all play a game of kickety-kick ball. Wee-hee-hee! *Kick*

*Glass shatters*


Widget & Walden: ...

Wubbzy: Or, maybe we could play a game of "Clean Up the Lamp"? *Giggles*

Monkey: *Squawking*

[The end]

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