Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "A Little Help From Your Friends."

A Little Help From Your Friends


Wubbzy: *Honking horn*

(Outside Widget's workshop)

Widget: *Hammering*

Wubbzy: *Honking horn* Hi, Widget. Can I borrow a wiggle wrench? I wanna put this new horn on my tooter scooter.

Widget: No problemo, little buddy! Here we go!

Wubbzy: *Clicking*

Widget: You know, Wubbzy, you could do that a whole lot faster if you used a hydraulic turbo ratchet. *Whirring*

Wubbzy: But I don't know how to use a hydro.. turbo.. whaddayacallit.

Widget: No problemo! I'll help ya. Now, all we have to do is tighten the C-clamp to the handlebar and-

Wubbzy: But I don't really need any help.

Widget: Ta-da!

Wubbzy: Thanks.

Widget: You know, while I'm at it, maybe I'll tighten this here manifold and reinforce the suspension.

Wubbzy: I just wanted to put my horn on my scooter.

(Outside Wubbzy's treehouse)

Wubbzy: *Bouncing* Wow, wow, wow! I can't wait to plant my new flower in the garden.

Walden: Hi, Wubbzy. That's a fine flower you have there.

Wubbzy: Yep, and it's gonna look great in my garden.

Walden: Yes yes yes! I'm sure it will. But you know, Wubbzy, you'll need to fertilize that flower if you want it to really grow.

Wubbzy: But I don't know how to "fruitilize". Uh, "flerticize". Whatever you just said.

Walden: Don't worry. I'll help you.

Wubbzy: But I don't need any help.

Walden: Now to get this garden really growing! You see, Wubbzy, there's a real science to gardening. First, you have to turn over the soil and mix it with nutrients. *Plop, plop*

Wubbzy: Why is everyone always helping me all the time? Next time, I'm going to do something all by myself. ... But what?

Widget: *Honks horn* Boy oh boy! All that ratcheting and horn tooting has made me hungry as a hippo. *Stomach gurgles, chuckles*

Walden: Yes! I've worked up quite an appetite from gardening, myself.

Wubbzy: I know! I'll make a big, fancy dinner for the three of us.

Walden: A fancy dinner? What a great idea.

Wubbzy: It'll be a real feast! I'll make us all some chocolate doodleberry cake! *Bouncing*

Widget: Mm, mm, mm! That sounds right up my alley!

Walden: Yes! Is there anything we can do to help?

*Record scratches*

Wubbzy: No!!

Widget & Walden: ...

Wubbzy: I mean, no, thank you. I don't need anyone's help at all.

(Wubbzy's treehouse, kitchen)

Wubbzy: Now let's see. *Flips page* Here we are. Doodleberry cake. Eggs... *Clatter* Flour... *Pouring* Chocolate... *Splat* Doodleberries. *Dropping, crash* And, uh, one teaspoon of super-duper baking powder. Hmm. That doesn't seem like very much baking powder. I want this cake to really bake. *Rattling, pouring* Oops! Oh, well. It couldn't hurt. *Squish, mixing* Wow. Wait till Walden and Widget see the cake I made, without any help at all.


Wubbzy: Wow. That cake batter sure is rising fast. *Gasp* Maybe too fast! *Bouncing, whoosh, bounce, gasps*Uh-oh!

(Outside Wubbzy's treehouse)


Wubbzy: Whoa!

Widget: Sure is nice of Wubbzy to cook us dinner.

Walden: Yes. And he did it all without asking for any-

Wubbzy: Heeeeelp!!

Widget: *Gasp* Wubbzy's made enough cake for the whole town of Wuzzleburg!

Wubbzy: Whoa, whoa, whooaa!!

Walden: The whole town is gonna be cake if we don't do something!

Widget: What are we gonna do!?

Walden: Think think think. *Gasp* I have an idea! But I'll need your help.

Widget: No problemo!


Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow! I'm headed right for the art museum!

Curator: Oh, no! All of ze precious artworks will be ruined! Help!!

*Tires screech, engine sputtering, screech*

*BOING, gurgling*

Curator: Hooray!!

Walden: How's it coming, Widget!?

Widget: *Hammering* I need a little more time!


Kooky Kid: Kooky.

*Swoosh, gurgling*

Mailman: Hi, Wubbzy.


Mailman: You forgot your mail!

Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow, wow! I'm headed right for the zoo!

Zookeeper: Oh, no! All of the animals will be buried in cake batter! Help!!

Walden: *Boing, boing, boing* Timber!!


Wubbzy: Whoa!


Zookeeper: Hooray!!

Walden: Are you almost done yet!?

Widget: Almost finished!


Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow! I'm headed right for the library!

Miss Bookfinder: Oh, no! All of the library books will be covered in cake! Help!!

*Crane moving, screech, crone lowering*

*Gurgling, pop, pop, gurgling*

Miss bookfinder: Hooray!!

Walden: *Pant* Widget, please, tell me it's finished!

Widget: *Hammering* All done! The Big Bakey-Oven 3000!


Wubbzy: I don't wanna be baked! Help, help, help!!


Widget: *Click*

*Oven door bangs*

Miss Bookfinder, Curator & Zookeeper: Hooray!!

Crowd: *Cheers*

Walden: Nice job, Widget.

Widget: You too, partner.

Wubbzy: Sorry my dinner turned into a big, gloppy mess. I wanted to prove that I didn't need any help. But I guess I got a little carried away.

Widget: *Giggles* That's for sure.

Wubbzy: Well, the next time I need help, I'll make sure I ask my friends.


Wubbzy: Hey, maybe you guys can help me eat this thing.

Walden: *Laughs* Yes yes yes!

Widget: *Chuckles* No problemo!

Wubbzy: In fact, I can use everybody's help for this.

Miss Bookfinder, Curator & Zookeeper: Hooray!!

(One feast later...)

Wubbzy: Oh, boy. I sure am glad I have a couple of good friends to help me clean up this mess. Hey, guys? Hello!? Can I get a little help over here!?

[The end]

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