Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "A Tale of Tails."

A Tale of Tails


*Kickety-kickball bouncing*


*Whistling.., BOING*

*Rattling, bowling pins SFX*


*Wobbling, pop*

Wubbzy: Wow!


Wubbzy: Wheeeee!


Wubbzy: You wanna play with my kickety-kick ball?

Kids: ...

Kooky Kid: Your tail is kooky.

Wubbzy: But look! I've got a really cool ball!

Girl: It's all long and bendy.

Kooky Kid: And kooky!

Wubbzy: Does that mean that you don't wanna play?

*Passing yellow ball*

Wubbzy: You wanna play with my kickety-kick ball?

Cyan Boy: Whoa! That is one wacky-looking tail!

Wubbzy: Wow. Everyone thinks my tail is wacky.

Kooky kid: And kooky.

Wubbzy: Gee. I gotta do something about this. With a little tape and a few leaves, no one will even notice my tail.

Pink Girl: *Jumping*

Wubbzy: You wanna play with my kickety-kick ball?

Pink Girl: What is that?

Wubbzy: Oh, this? It's just a normal, everyday tree branch.


*Chirp, wings flapping*

Pink Girl: That's not a normal, everyday tree branch.

Blue Boy: It's a long, bendy tail.

Pink Girl: And it's totally kooky.

Blue Boy: I think it's more wacky than kooky.

Pink Girl: Well, whatever it is, we're outta here.

Wubbzy: Hey! Maybe Widget will want to play.

(Widget's workshop)

Widget: *Hammering*

Wubbzy: *Bouncing* Wow wow, Widget. Wanna play with my kickety-kick ball?

Widget: Oh, no can do, partner. I am putting the finishing touches on my latest invention. *Laughs* Ta-da! Robo-Cluck 3000! It's a robotic chicken that lays over a hundred eggs a minute. Now, all I need to do is use this wiggle wrench to tighten the thruster bolt, and this baby will be done.

Wubbzy: What's all this stuff?

Widget: Oh, oh, be careful. Those are the controls for the robot.

Wubbzy: Don't worry. I won't touch a thing.

*Switch flips*

*Alarms blare*

Wubbzy: *Gasps*

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucking, stomping*

Widget: Ooh! That's not supposed to happen.


*Crash, clanging*

Widget: That's not supposed to happen, either.

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucking, crash*

Wubbzy: *Sigh* I'm sorry, Widget. My kooky tail is messing everything up. ... Hey, Widget! *Jumps* You've got lots of tools. Can you fix my tail for me?

Widget: Oh, no problemo, little buddy. I can fix anything.


Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucking*

Widget: Anything except robot chickens.

*Screw clicking*

Widget: There we go! The Tail-O-Tronic 3000. This little puppy'll fix your tail in no time.

*Switch flips*

*Beeping, ding*

Wubbzy: *Gasp* Too curly!

Widget: Oopsy-daisy! Let's try that again. *Chuckles*

Wubbzy: *Jumps*

*Switch flips*

*Beeping, ding*

Wubbzy: Too balloony.

Widget: Hmm. Maybe if I adjust the sprickle sprocket. *Clattering* Huh. There we go. That oughta do the trick.

*Switch flips*

*Beeping, ding*

Wubbzy: Too funky!?

Widget: Oh, don't worry, pal. I can fix that. *Snips*

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucking*

Widget: Huh?

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucking*


Wubbzy: We'd better go see Walden.

(Walden's house)

Walden: Hmm. I wonder if this belongs to the Stinkodone or the Gackasaurus Rex.

Widget: Heigh-de-ho, Walden! The Wubbster here, he's got a bit of a problem.

Walden: Oh, yes, yes, yes!! I love problems! Is it a math problem?

Wubbzy: No.

Walden: Is it a science problem?

Wubbzy: No.

Walden: How about geophysical psychology in relation to global economics?

Wubbzy: Uh.. I don't think so.

Widget: It's his here tail that's the problem.

Walden: Hmm. It's long and it's bendy, ...but I don't see the problem.

Wubbzy: That is the problem! It's long and bendy. And no one will play with me because I have a kooky tail.

Walden: Oh, no, no, no! Being kooky isn't a problem. Look at all those fish. They're all kooky!

Wubbzy: Wow...

Walden: This fish is big and puffy, while this fish is really small and fast. And this one, this one here is electric.


Walden: And look at all these animals.


Walden: They're all kooky too! The stretchelope has a long neck to reach up into the trees, while the tiny honker scurries along the ground.

Honker: Honk! Honk! Honk! ..Honk!

Wubbzy: He's funny. *Laughs*

Walden: And look over here. These two dinosaurs are very kooky.

Widget: Yessiree! This guy has big, pointy teeth. And this one here, he has a spiky tail and wings.

Wubbzy: But I don't have any of those things. The only thing I have is this kooky tail.

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucks, crash, clucking and popping*



*Papers flap*


Walden: Oh, no! We have to stop that thing before it destroys my dino-bones!

Widget: No problemo, pal o' mine! All I have to do is adjust the thruster bolt with my wiggle wrench, and we've got ourselves a- *Gasp* Oops! Big problemo! Oh, I must've left my wiggle wrench back at the workshop. Hmm. Let's see. Where can I find something long and bendy to tighten that bolt?

Wubbzy: Maybe I could use my tail!

Walden: But Wubbzy, how will you get all the way up there?

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucking*

Wubbzy: I can use my tail to bounce up onto the robot. *Bouncing*

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Popping, clucking*

Wubbzy: Which one is the thruster bolt?

Widget: It's the red one, Wubbster! Oh! Wait a minute. Uh, maybe it's the blue one. No, no no no, no, It was the red one. I think.


Widget: Ugh!

Wubbzy: Oh, well. I'll just tighten 'em both.

*Bolts clicking*

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucking, clucking faster, clanking, CRASH*

Widget: Haha! Good job, little buddy. You stopped that crazy robot.

Robo-Cluck 3000: *Clucks slowly*

Wubbzy: *Laughs*

Walden: Right. And you saved the dinosaurs! All by using your tail.

Wubbzy: Wow! Maybe having a bendy tail isn't so bad after all!

(Playground, swing set)


Kooky Kid: Look how high I can swing!

Girl: I can swing even higher!

Wubbzy: *Swinging, flipping, springing*

Kids: Wow!

*Passing yellow ball*

*Purple ball spinning*

*Little blue and green balls being juggled*

*Balls being juggled, spun, and bounced*

Kids: Wow!

Pink Girl: Look how far I can jump.

Blue Boy: Look how far I can jump.

Wubbzy: *Bouncing*

Kids: Wow!

Wubbzy: *Bouncing*

Cyan Boy: Can we play kickety-kickball with you?

Wubbzy: Sure! Let's do it! Hey! Wait for me! And my cool tail! *Bouncing*

[The end]

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