A Tale of Tails (DVD)


Bonus features
Release date
September 23, 2008

A Tale of Tails is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! DVD that contains eight episodes from Season 1 (six including two bonus episodes). This DVD centers on the eponymous first episode and the following episodes, as well as a few other key episodes.


"Meet Wubbzy! He's a fun, lovable, curious little guy who is always looking to have a good time with his best friends Widget and Walden in the wacky town of Wuzzleburg. Together they discover the importance of open-mindedness, honesty and friendship all while having fun. Join Wubbzy and his friends as they work together to resolve everyday problems in these fun-filled episodes. Watch as Wubbzy helps rescue Polly-Parrot, Widget builds a turbo-rocket to win a race and they all learn that being different is what is makes them so special. Plus much more!"


Bonus episodes

Bonus Features

  • 2 Bonus Episodes
  • Music Video
  • Ring Toss Game
  • Fun Printables
  • French Language Track


  • This DVD was also released in a larger box with a Beanie Babies Wubbzy plush.
  • It also comes bundled with an eight song Soundtrack when purchased in Kmart, Costco or BJ's.
  • Along with Wubb Idol, A Little Help From My Friends, and Fly Us to the Moon, this DVD was later released in a 4-disc box set, titled & His Besty Best Friends.
  • This was also the first Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! DVD released outside the United Kingdom/Australia.
  • The DVD is featured in another box set with other Anchor Bay releases, Chuggington: Let's Ride the Rails! and Tickety Toc: Chime Time Adventures.
    Fun Friends DVD
  • While Daizy is shown on the DVD's main menu, she does not appear in any of the episodes.

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