A Tale of Tails (DVD)

A Tale of Tails DVD

Bonus features
Release date
September 23, 2008

A Tale of Tails is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! DVD that contains eight episodes from Season 1 (six including two bonus episodes). This DVD centers on the eponymous first episode and the following episodes, as well as a few other key episodes.


"Meet Wubbzy! He's a fun, lovable, curious little guy who is always looking to have a good time with his best friends Widget and Walden in the wacky town of Wuzzleburg. Together they discover the importance of open-mindedness, honesty and friendship all while having fun. Join Wubbzy and his friends as they work together to resolve everyday problems in these fun-filled episodes. Watch as Wubbzy helps rescue Polly-Parrot, Widget builds a turbo-rocket to win a race and they all learn that being different is what is makes them so special. Plus much more!"


Bonus episodes

Bonus Features

  • 2 Bonus Episodes
  • Music Video
  • Ring Toss Game
  • Fun Printables
  • French Language Track


  • This DVD was also released in a larger box with a Beanie Babies Wubbzy plush.
  • It also comes bundled with an eight song Soundtrack when purchased at Kmart, Costco or BJ's.
  • There's a version of this DVD that has Wubb Sound Series buttons on the front when purchased at Target.
  • Along with Wubb Idol, A Little Help From My Friends, and Fly Us to the Moon, this DVD was later released in a 4-disc box set, titled & His Besty Best Friends.
  • This was also the first Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! DVD released outside the United Kingdom/Australia.
  • The DVD is featured in another box set with other Anchor Bay releases, Chuggington: Let's Ride the Rails! and Tickety Toc: Chime Time Adventures.
    Fun Friends DVD
  • While Daizy is shown on the DVD's main menu, she does not appear in any of the episodes.
  • On the sticker on the front side of the Bonus Activity Kit DVD, the activity book says "Coloring & Activity Book" on the front, but physically, it actually says "Activities To Color!".
  • The "Ring Catch Game" is actually "Wubbzy's Wow! Wow! Ring Catch", a online game.
  • Ring Catch Game can only be played on the computer. On the DVD-ROM, there's a link that sends you to the game on
    • However, since the game there is gone, the link is now obsolete.


DVD Contents

DVD With Bonus Activity Kit

DVD With Wubb Sound Series

Soundtrack Bundle

Beanie Baby Bundle

Opening and Menus

Note: Due to the blurry characters on the opening and main menu images, they will be filtered to be viewable in low quality. They were recycled and fixed in the following DVDs, A Little Help From My Friends and Pirate Treasure.

Activity Sheets