A Wuzzleburg Tale

A Wuzzleburg Tale

Bonus features
Release date
April 3, 2012

A Wuzzleburg Tale is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! that contains six episodes from Season 2. This DVD mainly revolves around fantasy-themed episodes.


"Wow! Wow! It's Storytime For Wubbzy And His Friends!

Once upon a time, there was the most enchanted Wuzzleburg collection of tales yet! In these six charming episodes, Wubbzy goes on a fairy-tale adventure, shrinks himself to play in Daizy's dollhouse, turns detective to solve a mystery, saves Walden from a Jellygator and gets more than he bargained for when his favorite storybook character comes to life! Join everybody's favorite bendy-tailed buddy for loads of "happily ever after" fun, with valuable lessons about kindness and cooperation along the way!"



  • This was the last themed DVD released before the Best Of DVDs.
  • The DVD titles the episode "Too Many Wubbzy's" as "Too many Wubbzys", without the apostrophe.
    • This may be a general correction since the episode title isn't grammatically correct.

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