Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle."

Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle


*Bouncing, squeak*

Wubbzy: Wow! I love kickety-kick ball! *Kicks ball*

*Bouncing, squeak*

Wubbzy: But I wish I had someone to play with.

Buggy, Huggy & Earl: Hi, Wubbzy!

Wubbzy: Wow, wow! Buggy, Huggy and Earl! Let's play kickety-kick ball!!

Buggy: Sorry, Wubbzy. We're going to play with our new pets.

Huggy: Aren't they cute?

Wubbzy: They sure are! *Laughs* Where'd you get 'em?

Earl: From the Pet Truck Man!

Buggy: He's right around the corner.

Wubbzy: Wow! I'm gonna get a pet, too!


Wubbzy: Wow..!

Fleegle: *Squeaking*

Wubbzy: How cute! I'll take that one, sir!

*Clink, clink*

Wubbzy: *Laughs* I'm gonna call you 'Tiny'.

Pet Truck Man: This manual will tell you how to take care of it.

Wubbzy: Thank you! We're gonna have so much fun together!

Pet Truck Man: It's called a 'Fleegle', and it needs special care! Gee. I hope he reads that manual, or he's gonna be in big trouble.

Wubbzy: I don't need this. I know how to take care of a pet.

(Wubbzy's treehouse, Living room)

Wubbzy: This is your new home, Tiny. What can I get you, little fella? Do you want some water? How about some raisins?

Tiny: *Squeak*

Wubbzy: .. *Gasps* How about some candy?

Tiny: *Jump, jump* Yum yum! *Eating, chewing*

Wubbzy: Wow! You sure like candy! *Yawns* Pets really tire you out. I'm gonna take a nap.

Tiny: Yum yum!

(Living room)

*Smashing and crashing*

Wubbzy: Tiny? Tiny? Where are you? *Gasps* All my chocolate-covered Zing-Zings are gone!


Tiny: *Chewing*

Wubbzy: Wow. I think I need some help.

(Outside Widget's workshop)

Tiny: *Chewing*

Wubbzy: He just keeps eating and eating!

Tiny: *Crunch, chewing*


Widget: And growing and growing!

Walden: What kind of animal is it, Wubbzy?

Wubbzy: Mm..something "iggle". A triggle? Uh- I forget.

Widget: Didn't the Pet Truck Man tell you anything about him?

Wubbzy: Sure. He gave me a book that explained how to take care of him.

Walden: That's what we need. Where is it?

Wubbzy: I kinda threw it away.

Widget: Ooh.., little buddy!

Walden: I'll get my books!


Walden: Um, is it a gargle?

Wubbzy: No.

Walden: Is it a shmoogle?

Wubbzy: No!

Walden: Is it a doodle?

Widget: *Gasps* Doodle!? My secret stash of Jelly Snoodle-Doodles are in there!

Tiny: *Chews, gulps, chewing, burps* 'Scuse me!

*Crack, crack, crack*

Tiny: *Thud, sniffing* Yum!

Wubbzy: We've gotta stop him!

Widget: Quick! To my truck!


Tiny: ...Yum!

Green Girl: Wah!!

Tiny: *Chomp, chews, sniffs*

Old Lady Zamboni: Hey! Give me back my cake!

Tiny: *Chomp, chews* ... *Sniffs* Yuck!


Cotton Candy Man & Light blue customer: *Scream*


Tiny: *Chomp, chewing* Yum yum!

*Engine running*

Widget: Look! He's headed right for the candy store!

Cotton Candy Man: Run!!

Light blue customer: Save yourselves!!

Orange kid: Forget the candy!!

Green boy: Flee! Flee!

Tiny: *Chomps, chewing*

Green boy: Run! Run!

Orange kid: Flee! Flee!

Wubbzy: Flee? Flee! It's a Fleegle! A Fleegle, that's what it is!

Walden: A Fleegle? Ah, here it is! Very interesting!

Wubbzy & Widget: What!?

Walden: "You must never feed a Fleegle candy."

Wubbzy: Oops!

Widget: Now what do we do?

Walden: Not to worry. "When a giant Fleegle's on the loose, fill it up with carrot juice."

Wubbzy: Carrot juice? How are we going to fill that up with carrot juice?

Widget: No problemo!

*Engine chugging, screeches*

Tiny: *Chewing, chomps, chews*

*Horn honking*

Widget: I filled up my Super Hoser 3000 with nice healthy carrot juice!

Tiny: *Chewing*

Walden: Now we need some way to get him to open his mouth!

Wubbzy: No problemo! *Laughs*

*Wheels squeaking*

Wubbzy: Oh, Tiny! Want some ice cream?

*Wheels squeaking*

Tiny: Yum yum!

Widget: Now!



Wubbzy: Wow!

Tiny: *Burps*

Wubbzy: I'm so sorry I didn't know how to take care of you, Tiny!

Tiny: *Lick*

Wubbzy: Having a pet is a big responsibility!

(Wubbzy's treehouse, Living room)

Walden: Here's a new Fleegle manual for you, Wubbzy!

Wubbzy: Thanks, Walden! This time, I'm going to read the whole thing.

Walden: Good idea!

Widget: Hm. I wonder what happens if you feed a Fleegle bologna.

Tiny: Yum yum! *Chewing, pop, popping*

Widget: Oopsy-daisy!

Tiny: *Popping*

[The end]

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