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Birdie Bird

Birdie Bird
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Birdie Bird is a small bird who is constantly seen in the series. If a character in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is to encounter the bird, they must be careful not to agitate it or it might lose its feathers (the bird has a tendency to do that).


The bird is mostly of a bright blue color. It has a large white eye with a green pupil, a pair of wings, and two feet. It also has a typical beak like any other bird, so it is possible that it might be a Blue Jay in real life.


Birdie Bird appears in many episodes of the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! series, appearing throughout the series. Birdie Bird made a large appearance in the episode Watch the Birdie, where Wubbzy tries to find out why Birdie Bird keeps stealing Wubbzy's stuff, but he, Widget, and Walden found out that it needed those items to build her nest for her hatchlings.

Birdie Bird plays a major role in The Ghost of Wuzzleburg, as well. Wubbzy accidentally tosses a white sheet onto Birdie Bird, making her look like a skinny ghost. After Wubbzy scared a few people at the Halloween party, Birdie Bird shows up behind Wubbzy in the ghost costume and frightens him. Birdie Bird wins the trophy for the scariest costume, and she is responsible for Wubbzy winning the trophy for "Most Scared Person".

In Great and Grumpy Holiday, a blue Birdie Bird is seen with a pink Birdie Bird, and a few babies in a nest. In this case, the blue Birdie Bird is most likely male. It is unknown if Birdie Bird is a she or a he, because most blue birds are male and pink birds are female, but it is probably female because it hatched their own eggs. This means that the pink Birdie Bird was with was her husband and he is unnamed.


  • Sometimes, if something loud disturbs it, its feathers pop off.
  • It is a very common background character.
  • Sometimes, it is even seen indoors, in places like the Wubb Club.