The Buck Buck Beavers are a group of beavers who live in the pond near the Wubb Club. They caused the destruction of the club by gnawing down the stands of the Wubb Club. The beavers thought that the stands were trees, and now use them for additions to their dam. They were awarded for making the best sculpture with nothing but teeth record. The beavers often chew down a tree, and one chatters and says "Timber!" before the tree falls down.


The beavers are mostly brown. They have black tails and large front teeth. Each beaver has two black eyes and an oval-shaped nose.


The Buck Buck Beavers only appear in two episodes of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, The Wubb Club and Broken Record. Other beavers, not specifically named, appear in Great and Grumpy Holiday and Daizy's Purple Thumb.

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