Candy Corn

Candy Corn

Noble Steed to the Pumpkin King
Resembles candy corn, sneezes fire

Candy Corn is the noble steed of Francis the Pumpkin King.

According to Francis, "she doesn't breathe fire... except when she sneezes." Therefore, she's not a fire-breathing horse, but a fire-sneezing horse.


Candy Corn is a type of horse whose body looks like candy corn. Other than her body, she is a white horse with yellow hair and orange hooves.


Candy Corn is featured in the episode March of the Pumpkins. She shows up after the Pumpkin King blows a tune on his flute that sounds like the whinney of a horse. The Pumpkin King has her help Wubbzy pull a giant pumpkin to the Autumn Festival, allowing Wubbzy to win the pumpkin contest.

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