Fifi is a poodle owned by Old Lady Zamboni.


Fifi is a perky pet. Old Lady Zamboni takes very good care of Fifi, including styling Fifi's hair.

Fifi is also talented. In the episode Wuzzleburg Idol, Fifi is seen imitating the Wubb Girlz' dance moves.


Fifi is a white poodle with a pink collar and a silver tag.


In the episode Everything's Coming Up Wubbzy, Old Lady Zamboni is walking Fifi when all of a sudden the Wow Wow Wonderhat 3000 falls on Fifi's head, making Fifi run around faster than usual, and faster than Old Lady Zamboni's legs can keep up with. Fifi drags her all around until Wubbzy shows Fifi a kickety kick ball, distracting her long enough for Widget to take the Wow Wow Wonderhat 3000 off of her head, after which Fifi immediately lays down her head and takes a nap.

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