Fleegle (HD)

This article is about the species. For the character with a similar name, go to Tiny the Fleegle.

A Fleegle is a hairy rodent that appears in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Fleegles are a small, light purple creatures that can be bought as pets. They can squeak, do back flips, and speak a bit. They say "Yum yum!" when they see food they like, "Yuck!" when they see food they dislike, and "Scuse me." when they burp sometimes.

Fleegles must never be feed candy. Doing so will make them want more and more of it, and will keep growing as big as 50 feet tall. When quenched with carrot juice, they will shrink back to small size. When they eat bologna, they'll multiply more than a hundred times. What reverses this is unknown.

Fleegles are only known to be light purple. It is never told what they're supposed to eat.


Fleegles are very hairy. They have hands, oval-shaped ears, a tail, and feet hidden under their hair. Their eyes and noses are black. They're completely light purple, and have darker purple rings on the ears and lines around the bottom, showing their hairy texture.


Wubbzy's pet Fleegle, Tiny, only appeared in the episode, Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle; and the song, Pet Party.

He also appeared in the VTech V.Smile Smartridge video game named as his specie, "Fleegle".


The Powerpuff Girls had an episode about a similar pet named BEEBO, a lifeform that's also fuzzy and grows when it eats a lot.

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