Giant Goo Goo

Giant Goo Goo

Giant Goo Goo
(Rare species)
None known
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This article is about the species. For the character with a similar name, go to Baby Goo Goo. For the parents of the character who have similar names as well, go to Mother and Father Goo Goo.

Giant Goo Goos are rare elephant-like creatures who appear in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Giant Goo Goos are large, orange, elephant-like beings native to unknown areas because they're rare; although three of them are traveling circus performers. They love playing and hearing hoopty-horns. Infant Goo Goos tend to cry when they are away from home unless they hear music from a hoopty-horn.

The species appears to only come in the color orange. The trunk was only seen extended when the Baby Goo Goo was using it to play with a kickety-kick ball.


Giant Goo Goos have a trunk, a pair of arms, feet, small black eyes, small angled ears and a small tail. They are completely orange except on the end of their trunk where it has a lighter orange


A Baby Goo Goo and her Mother and Father only appear in the episode, Goo Goo Grief!.

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