Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Gidget the Super Robot".

Gidget the Super Robot

(Outside Widget's workshop)

Widget (Inside): *Hammering and buzzing*

Wubbzy: Wow, Widget has been locked in there for a long time. I wonder what she's working on.

Walden: I don't know, but she said this was her best idea yet.

Wubbzy: Wow.


Wubbzy & Walden: Ah!!

Gidget: *Mechanical noises*

Walden: Great Wall of China! It's Widget!

Wubbzy: *Knocking on metal* She turned herself into a robot.

Widget: So, sillies. I'm right here.

Wubbzy & Walden: Argh!!

Widget: *Laughs* Let me introduce my newest invention. This here is the Super Solar-Powered Robot 3000. I call her "Gidget".

Wubbzy: Solar-powered?

Widget: Yep, that means she gets her energy from the sun.

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