Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Gidget the Super Robot".

Gidget the Super Robot

(Outside Widget's workshop)

Widget (Inside): *Sawing, hammering and drilling*

Wubbzy: Wow! Widget has been locked in there for a long time. I wonder what she's working on.

Walden: I don't know, but she said this was her best idea yet.

Wubbzy: Wow!


Wubbzy & Walden: Ah!!

Gidget: *Moving mechanically*

Walden: Great Wall of China! It's Widget!

Wubbzy: *Knocking on metal* She turned herself into a robot!

Widget: So, sillies. I'm right here.

Wubbzy & Walden: Argh!!

Widget: *Laughs* Let me introduce my newest invention. This here is the Super Solar-Powered Robot 3000. I call her "Gidget".

Wubbzy: Solar-powered?

Widget: Yep. That means she gets her energy from the sun.

Wubbzy: Wow!

Widget: Gidget, say hello to my friends Wubbzy and Walden.

Gidget: *Moving mechanically* A pleasure to meet you, Wubbzy and Walden. *Moving mechanically*

Walden: Wow! She can walk!

Gidget: *Moving mechanically*

Widget: Yes, siree! She can do anything.

(Open Field)

Gidget: *Bouncing*

Widget: Gidget can play any sport in the whole wide world.

Wubbzy: Even kickety-kick ball?

Gidget: *Bouncing* Yes, siree.


Wubbzy: *Kick*

Gidget: *Kick, bounce*

Wubbzy: Wow..!

Widget: Yeah. And she can answer any question you can think of.

Walden: *Clears throat* Who was the founder of Wuzzleburg?

Gidget: Heinrich van Wuzzle, in 1853.

Walden: Well done!

Widget: And she can whip up a yummy dessert as quick as a wink.

Gidget: *Mechanical noises*

Wubbzy: Creamy cream pie.

Wubbzy & Walden: Yum!

Widget: And best of all, she can build anything. Just like me.

Gidget: *Mechanical noises*

Wubbzy: Wow..!

Gidget: Would you like to play a game of kickety-kick ball, Wubbzy? *Pop*


Wubbzy: I sure would! *Kick*

Widget: You see, Walden, she runs on power from the sun, so she doesn't need any batteries. And I programmed her with all kinds of knowledge about math and science and...

Wubbzy: Whee!

Gidget: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Walden: What is the square root of 89!?

Gidget: *Bouncing*


Wubbzy: Great kick, Gidget!

Gidget: Thanks, Wubbzy.

Walden: What's nine times seven?

Gidget: 63. *Moving mechanically*

Walden: Amazing! How tall is Mt. Zubba Bubba?

Gidget: 3,930 feet.

Widget: Aw, I knew that answer too.


Gidget: *Kicking, mechanical noises* Score.

Widget: I could've done that.

Walden: What's the closest star in the sky?

Gidget: Alpha Centauri. Four and a half light-years away.

Walden: Astonishing!

Widget: Eh.., I might've known that. Hey, guys, how about playing some hippity-hopscotch?

Wubbzy: Come on, Gidget. Bet you can't catch me this time. *Bouncing*

Gidget: *Moving mechanically*

Walden: Who wrote "The Grapes of Wuffle"!?

Widget: Aw.., gee. I guess Wubbzy and Walden don't need me anymore.

Wubbzy: Let's see you block this shot, Gidget! *Kick*


Gidget: *Clattering*

Walden: Oh, no! It looks like one of her circuits broke!

Gidget: *Running mechanically* Let's play. Let's play. Let's play. Let's play. Let's play. Let's play. Let's play. Let's play. *Popping*

Wubbzy: *Screams*

Walden: Widget, stop her! Widget?

Wubbzy: Where did she go?

Walden: I don't know, but we'd better find her!

Wubbzy: Yeah. Gidget is out of contro!

Gidget: *Whirring, popping*

(Another open field)

Wubbzy: There you are, Widget!

Widget: I thought you guys had forgotten all about me. You were having so much fun there with Gidget.

Wubbzy: We're sorry, Widget. We didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Walden: Gidget's a super robot, but no one could ever replace you.

Widget: Oh, thanks, guys.

Walden: Widget, we need you. Gidget is running wild!

Wubbzy: And only you can fix her.

Widget: Well, let's go!

(First open field)

Gidget: Would you like a pie? Kick.


Gidget: *Hammering* Would you like a pie? Kick. *Hammering*


Wubbzy: There she is!

Gidget: *Hammering* Would you like a pie? Kick, kick, kick.


Wubbzy: Ow!


Walden: Owf!


Widget: Oaf!

Walden: Widget, how do you shut off her batteries?

Widget: She doesn't run on batteries, Walden. She gets her energy from the sun.

Wubbzy: Wow! You can't turn off the sun.

Widget: ... *Gasps* Maybe we can.

(Widget's Workshop)

Widget (Inside): *Sawing, hammering and drilling* (Outside) May I present the Super Sun-Blocker 3000!

Wubbzy & Widget: Ooh...!

Widget: *Beep, chuckles* Here we go!

Wubbzy: *Bouncing*

Gidget (Fast): The square root of 64,516 is 254. *Whirring and popping* E equals mc squared. E equals mc squared.

*Splat, splat, splat*

Kooky Kid: Kooky!


Gidget: The square root of 7-7-4-5-0 is 5-0-9. *Popping* Alpha Centauri. Four and a half light-years away.

Widget: *Beep*

Super Sun-Blocker 3000: *Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop*

Gidget: *Whirring* The square root of 64,516 is 254. *Popping*

Wubbzy: Look! Gidget is out of the sun!

Gidget: *Beeping* The square root of 7-7-4-5-0 (Slower) is 5-0-9.

Walden: It's working! She's slowing down!

Gidget (Slow): E equals mc squa... *Whir*

Wubbzy: Hooray! You did it, Widget!

Walden: That was stupendous!

Widget: No problemo. That's what friends are for.


Widget: *Clicking* There we go. She's back to normal.

Gidget: Hey, Wubbzy, how about a game of pingsy-pongsy?

Wubbzy: Sure, Gidget, as long as Widget is on my team.

(One setup later...)

Wubbzy, Widget & Gidget: *Hitting ball*

Walden: Mmm-mm! Now for some creamy cream pie!

Gidget: *HIT*


Wubbzy, Widget, Walden & Gidget: *Laughing*

[The end]

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