Fly a Kite (With Cloud Bread)08:38

Fly a Kite (With Cloud Bread)

Go Fly a Kite is a short from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! featured after the episode, A Clean Sweep.

Characters Present

Main characters


Wubbzy flies his kite, but it comes loose.


Wubbzy greets the audience and tells them he's going to fly his kite. He get it going and has fun running back and forth with it. The kite keeps going higher and higher until the reel runs out of string. With the kite loose, Wubbzy quickly catches it. Without a reel, he wonders how he'll reel his kite back in. He has an idea.

Wubbzy winds the kite string in by using his tail. He tells the viewers "It's the only way to fly!" and giggles.


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