Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Goo Goo Grief!"

Goo Goo Grief!


Birds: *Chirping*

(Walden's house)

*Door squeaks*

Walden: Ah! What a beautiful day! *Clicks camera*


Walden: The chores are all done, the fossils dusted. The test tubes are all in a row, sparkling clean.

*Clock chimes*

Walden: And it's 3:00. That means it's time to play my hoopty-horn. *Inhales, tooting horn*

*Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: *Gasps* Hmm, what could that be?


*Door squeaks*

*Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: Hoof! Great Nebulan Orion!

Goo Goo: *Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: What a strange creature. I've never seen anything like it. What's the matter? Why are you crying, very large animal?

Goo Goo: Goo goo. Goo goo. *Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: She's very sad. I wish I knew how to help her. Think think think. I know!


Walden: If I know what kind of animal she is, I'll know how to help her. Let's see. "Bellyachus Magackius"? No. "Hollerapotamus"? No. "Squawkasaurus"? No. Aha! It's a rare giant Goo Goo! "The giant Goo Goo is always happy and smiling"-

Goo Goo: *Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: She doesn't seem too happy to me. "except when it's far from home." That's it! I'll take the Goo Goo home and she'll cheer up.


Goo Goo: *Crying*

Walden: Tell me, giant Goo Goo, would you like me to take you home?

Goo Goo: Home?

Walden: Yes. Where do you live?

Goo Goo: *Sniffles, trumpeting sobs*

Walden: No no, don't cry. I'm gonna bring you home.

Goo Goo: *Sobs louder causing wind to whoosh*

*Hoopty-horn toots*

Goo Goo: *Stops sobbing* Oh!

Walden: You stopped crying when you heard the horn. Hmm. *Inhales, tooting horn*

Goo Goo: Ahh.

Walden: Aha! You like the sound of my hoopty-horn. *Inhales, tooting horn, stops*

Goo Goo: *Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: *Tooting horn, inhales*

Goo Goo: *Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: *Tooting horn*


Walden: *Tooting horn slower* Whew. I'm glad you enjoy my playing, Goo Goo, but I can't just keep hooptying all day.

Goo Goo: Home? *Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: Think think think. I know. I'll ask Widget for help. Come on, giant Goo Goo. Let's go for a walk. *Tooting horn*

(Widget's workshop)

Walden: *Tooting horn*

Widget: Huh?

Walden: *Tooting horn, stops*

Widget: Yikes. What in the world is that?

Walden: *Panting* It's a giant.. Goo Goo, and.. I'm in a bit of a fix. You see, every time I stop playing my hoopty-horn, she starts to-

Goo Goo: *Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: I was wondering if you could play for a while so I could take a rest.

Widget: Gee, I would, Walden, but I don't know how to play the hoopty-horn.

Goo Goo: *Trumpeting sobs*

Walden: *Tooting horn*

Widget: I've got an idea! Just keep playing, Walden. I'll be right back.

Walden: *Continues tooting*

Widget: *Hammering and drilling*


Walden: *Tooting horn slower*

Widget: Ta-da!

Walden: What is it?

Widget: Why, it's my Hi-Fi Humdinger Horatio Hornblower 3000! Give me your hoopty-horn, if you please. *Winding*

Hi-Fi Humdinger Horatio Hornblower 3000: *Air bling, tooting horn*

Walden: Eureka! Widget, you're a genius!

Widget: *Chuckles* Aw, shucks.

Walden: Now that we solved that problem, we have to find out where this Goo Goo lives.

Widget: Hey, I've got a map of Wuzzleburg right here.

Walden: Yes yes yes. Look at this map, Goo Goo. Can you tell us where you live?

Goo Goo: Home.

Widget: Home? But that's just an empty lot, Walden. There's nothing there.

Walden: Oh, well. Maybe we should just start walking through town and see if anyone recognizes her.

(Wuzzleburg Streets)

Hi-Fi Humdinger Horatio Hornblower 3000: *Tooting horn*

Walden: Anybody lose a Goo Goo!? Giant Goo Goo right here!

Hi-Fi Humdinger Horatio Hornblower 3000: *Continues tooting horn*

Walden: Giant Goo Goo right here!!

(Grassy field)

Hi-Fi Humdinger Horatio Hornblower 3000: *Continues tooting horn*

Walden: Anybody lose a Goo Goo!?!?

Wubbzy: *Bouncing* Wow wow, everyone! Wanna play a game of kickety-kick ball? Wow! Who's that?

Walden: She's a giant Goo Goo.

Widget: Yeah, and we're trying to bring her home, but we don't know where she lives.

Wubbzy: She really likes music, huh? Maybe she likes kickety-kick ball.

Walden: Not now, Wubbzy.

Wubbzy: Hi, Goo Goo. My name is Wubbzy.

Goo Goo: Yabby?

Wubbzy: Close enough. Wanna play kickety-kick ball with me?

Goo Goo: ..?

Wubbzy: It's really fun. Watch. *Bouncing ball*

Goo Goo: Goo goo! Goo goo!

Wubbzy & Goo Goo: *Bouncing ball*

Wubbzy: That's it. *Giggles* Good one.

Walden: Wubbzy, just be careful.

Wubbzy: Now you try it.

Walden: No, Wubbzy, I don't think-

Goo Goo: Ah! Ah! Ah!!

Walden: Uh-oh!

Widget: Look out!

Hi-Fi Humdinger Horatio Hornblower 3000: *Tooting horn*

Goo Goo: *CRASH, trumpeting sobs*

Widget: Aw, it's okay. I can fix the machine. Don't know about this horn, though.

Walden: *Gasps* Oh, no! My hoopty-horn! *Inhales, horn bleats*

*Note cracking, falls into pieces*

*Horn belches*

Walden: My poor little hoopty-horn. Oh! It's ruined!

Wubbzy: Gee, I'm sorry, Walden.

Goo Goo: *Trumpeting sobs*

*Trumpeting fanfare, applause*

Goo Goo: Home! Home! Home!!

Walden: It's not an empty lot after all. The circus is in town.

Goo Goo: Home!

Mother & Father Goo Goo: Baby Goo Goo!

Widget: Now those are giant Goo Goos.

Walden: No wonder she only says Goo Goo. She's just a baby.

Mother Goo Goo: Oh, we were so worried. How did you find her?

Walden: She found me. I was practicing my hoopty-horn, and-

Mother Goo Goo: *Gasps* Oh, my! You're hoopt is pooped.

Father Goo Goo: Here, take one of ours.

Walden: On, no. I couldn't.

Father Goo Goo: Don't worry, we have plenty.

Goo Goo: *Tooting horn*

Walden: *Inhales, tooting horn*

Father Goo Goo: Not bad. Why don't you join us for a song?

(Inside circus tent)

*Circus music playing*

Performers & animals: *Playing instruments*

Mother & Father Goo Goo: *Tooting horns*

Hi-Fi Humdinger Horatio Hornblower 3000: *Tooting horn*

Purple seals: *Tooting horns*

Cyan performers: *Tooting horns*

Walden: *Inhales, TOOT*

Crowd: *Cheering and applauding*

Walden: Now that's music to my ears.

[The end]

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