The Hopping Dipole Doppl is a male tiger voiced by Joseph Hughes.


The Hopping Dippole Dopp has a hat with zebra stripes and a string with a red pom-pom on the end. He has an outfit with blue spots and yellow elf shoes. He also has red sparkle down bracelets.


Hopping Dipple Dop was born on March 12, 1957, the son of Hopping Dipple Dipsy and his wife, Jumping Pimple Jaclyn. He is also the grandson of Hopping Dipple Diana and Bouncing Wincle Walt. He married Daring Martsy Maru in 2010, and is the father of 5 children: Hopping Dipple Dop Jr. Hopping Whipple Walt, Daring Martsy Malia, Daring Martsy Parker and Daring Artsy Adrianna.

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