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Episode Information
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Season №: 2
Episode №: 35b
Airdate: October 29, 2008
Sister episode(s): The Ghost of Wuzzleburg
Written by: Frederick Stroppel
Storyboard by: Anne Walker
Directed by: James Burks
Ron Crown
Previous: The Ghost of Wuzzleburg
Next: Great and Grumpy Holiday
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March of the Pumpkins is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

Characters Present


Wubbzy wants to win the pumpkin contest, so he travels to the Pumpkin King's pumpkin patch to find the largest pumpkin.


Common Elements

Post-Show Skit

Wubbzy and his friends Widget, Walden and Daizy are going trick-or-treating together. Everyone is wearing their costume from the Halloween party, except Wubbzy, whose costume fell apart; Wubbzy's costume is a cowboy. However, the person at each door they visit screams in fright and slams the door. They can't figure out why, until they hear from behind them a deep voice saying, "Duh, beats me." They turn around, scream, and run away. Standing there is the Growlygus wearing bunny ears and a fluffy bunny tail. Since he's dressed as a bunny, the Growlygus thinks that bunnies must be too scary!

The view turns to the Wubb Club. The Jukebox Robot comes out, and Wubbzy is wearing his cowboy costume. Wubbzy's two guesses are: "Is it pumpkin hiding time?" while he stands on a large pumpkin; and "Is it candy time?" while he holds up candy in both of his hands.


  • The title card of the episode is read by Wubbzy as "The March of the Pumpkins".