(Wubbzy does a Hopperoo shadow with his Kickety-kick ball.)

Wubbzy: Hop, hop, hop! Hop, hop hop!

Widget: Hey there, Wubbster. wha'chya doing?

Wubbzy: I'm making shadow puppets. See? I'm a hopperoo.

Walden: It does look like a hopperoo.

Wubbzy: Now watch this.

(He does a Whirly Squirrel shadow.)

Widget: What's that supposed to be, little buddy?

Wubbzy: It's a Whirly Squirrel.

(The Whirly Squirrel sees the shadow.)

Widget: Oh. Ha-ha. Yeah!

Wubbzy: How about this?

(He does a Puff-puff Penguin shadow.)

Walden: Why, that looks like a Birdie Bird.

Wubbzy: (Giggles) No! it's a Puff-puff penguin.

(The Puff-puff penguin walks through the shadow.)

Walden: Yes, yes, yes. Of course.

Widget: Hey! I know what that is a Growlygus.

Walden: You're right! Amazing work, Wubbzy!

(A Growlygus shadow.)

Wubbzy: Huh? (Screams)

(Wubbzy sees the Growlygus. Widget and Walden see it, too. They run away from him, screaming.)

Growlygus: Duh... Hey, wait! I can do a bunny rabbit.

[The end]