Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Mr. Cool".

Mr. Cool


*Bird flapping wings*

Walden: Yes, yes, yes. Here's a nice quiet spot to do some reading. *Flips pages* Very interesting.

Buggy: Hi, Huggy. Hi, Earl. Are you going to the Wuzzleburg Boogie Bash tonight?

Walden: The Wuzzleburg Boogie Bash?

Huggy: You bet. It's gonna be so cool.

Buggy: And Chef Fritz is making his famous noodle strudel.

Earl: There'll be lots of dancing.

*Boogie music*

Walden: My, my, my. That sounds like fun. Maybe I should go to the Boogie Bash.

Buggy: Only the coolest people will be there.

Walden: Oh, you have to be cool to go. Hmm. I wonder if I'm cool.

(Wubbzy's treehouse, living room)

Walden: So what do you think? Am I cool?

Wubbzy & Widget: ...

Wubbzy: Well... you're really smart.

Widget: Yeah, and you know just about everything.

Walden: But I'm not cool?

Wubbzy: But you can be cool.

Walden: I can?

Widget: Why sure. It's easy.

Wubbzy: Leave it to us.

(Clothing store)

Widget: Now, the first thing you'll need is some cool clothes.

Wubbzy: This hat is cool.

Widget: And these here sunglasses are way cool.

Wubbzy: Look at this cool shirt.

Widget: Hey, check out these boots.

Wubbzy & Widget: Cool...

(One dress-up later...)

Wubbzy & Widget: Funkadelic.

Walden: Whoa, wha, whoa-oa, wh-whoa!

Wubbzy: So, Walden, now that you look cool, you have to talk cool, too. Like this: Yee-bah.

Walden: Right. Yee-bah.

Widget: Ziggy-wink.

Walden: Ziggy-wink.

Wubbzy: Squiggily-wow-wah.

Walden: Squiggily-wow-wah? Is that cool?

Widget: Yessiree.

Wubbzy: It's totally cool.

Walden: ...

(Wubbzy's treehouse, living room)

Wubbzy: So, Walden, you look cool and you talk cool.

Widget: Now you have to move cool.

Wubbzy: We're going to teach you some really cool dance moves.

*Music plays*

Widget: Yeah. This here is called the Slippity-Slide.

Wubbzy: And this is the Wubbzy Wiggle.

Widget: And this here's the best move of all. The Spastic Ostrich.

Walden: Oh, yeah. All right. I'm styling now. Whoa! *Crashes* Oh, this is a big mistake. Maybe I should stop trying to be cool.

Widget: Well, you're already cool.

Wubbzy: You're Mr. Cool.

Walden: Really?

Widget: Yessiree.

Walden: Okay, then. I'll see you at the Boogie Bash. *Crashes* I'm okay.

(Wuzzleburg Boogie Bash)

*Boogie music, slows down, swanky music*

Walden: Yee-bah!

*Record skips*

Everyone: ...

Walden: Everyone's looking at me. I must be way cool.

*Swanky music*

Walden: Yo! Hey! Ziggy-wink! Let's boogie!

*Swanky music*

Walden: Let's do the Slippity-Slide. *Bang, bang* Watch me bust this move.

Chef Fritz: Ah, just a little bit more yum-yum cream on ze frosting.

Walden: Yee-bah!!

Chef Fritz: *Splat*

Kooky Kid: Kooky.

*Swanky music continues*

Walden: *CLANG*

*Banner falls*

Walden: Squiggily-wow-wah?

Chef Fritz: Walden! You ruined my cake!

Buggy: And you ruined our dance.

Huggy: You are totally uncool.

Everyone: Yeah!

Wubbzy: Walden, we're sorry.

Widget: Yeah, we never should have tried to change you.

Walden: Eh, it's not your fault, guys. I just have to face it. I'm not Mr. Cool. I'm just plain old me.

Chef Fritz: Oh, no! I'm trying to make my classic noodle strudel salad, but I can't remember the secret ingredient.

Buggy: And it's time to do the Wuzzleburg Stomp Dance, but nobody knows how it goes.

*Disoriented music*

Huggy & Earl: *Land*

Huggy: We need someone who's really smart.

Earl: Yeah.

Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow! We have a friend who knows just about everything.

Everyone: Cool!


Coyote: *Howls*

Widget: Hold on there, partner.

Wubbzy: Come back inside. Everybody needs you.

Walden: Everybody needs me?

(Wuzzleburg Boogie Bash)

Walden: The secret ingredient to classic noodle strudel salad is... *Whispers* crumbled potato chips.

Chef Fritz: Oh, but of course!

Walden: Two steps left. Two steps right. Spin around twice... and stomp, stomp, stomp.

Buggy: Boy, Walden. You sure are smart.

Huggy: You know just about everything.

Earl: You are so cool.

Walden: I am? I guess I am!


*Dance music*

Walden: It's easy being Mr. Cool. You just have to be yourself. Although, I did like that hat and those sunglasses. Hmm, that's strange.

Wubbzy & Widget: Squiggily-wow-wah!

[The end]

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