News Reporter

This News Reporter is a character from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Whenever Wuzzleburg has bad news, the News Reporter announces it. On two occasions, when he began to announce something, he asked if he was on TV with a light voice. He then clears his throat and starts reporting with a deeper voice. When the Policeman panicked during his report, so does he, and he runs off camera and loses his fake hair.

On a later time, he was telling a report about doodleberry bushes growing around town, then said bushes grew where he was announcing. Instead of panicking, he continues with the program by subjecting to the weather.

The News Reporter only appears over a TV screen.


The News Reporter has orange-red skin, black eyes, a black square-shaped nose, small ears, a purple toupee, and a purple mustache. He wears a white shirt with a collar, a dark pink tie, and a light black blazer over his shirt.

The bottom half of his body is never shown.


The News Reporter has been seen in three episodes: Wubbzy Tells a Whopper, Widget Gets the Blooey Blues and Too Much of a Doodle Thing!.


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