The Wubbcast Episode 1605:55

The Wubbcast Episode 16

No Laughing Contest is a short from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! featured after the episode, The Wuzzleburg Express.


Wubbzy and the viewers have a no laughing contest.


Wubbzy greets the viewers and finds Widget and Walden making faces at each other. They're having a 'No Laughing Contest' where they make each other laugh and first one to laugh loses. Wubbzy wants to play with them, but he can't because only two can play. He then decides to play with the audience. After he makes a few faces, the viewers make him laugh and win.


  • On Fredbot uploads, the beginning's cut off.
  • Wubbzy says "Wow wow, everyone!" at the beginning, implying that there is more than one viewer he's talking to. However, despite the No Laughing Contest requiring only two people to play, he still plays with the whole audience.


See: No Laughing Contest/Transcript


See: No Laughing Contest/Images

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