Old Lady Zamboni

Old Lady Zamboni

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Mrs. Zamboni
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None known
None known
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Old Lady Zamboni is an old lady who occasionally appears in various episodes. She seems to live alone in Wuzzleburg, other than for owning a dog named Fifi.


Old Lady Zamboni has yellow-green skin and white hair, normal for an elderly lady. Her clothes differ, considering she changes often. She usually wears a green jacket with a white shirt underneath, a bead necklace, glasses, and black shoes. She has some lashes by her eyes. She also keeps her hair in a pigtail.


Old Lady Zamboni has appeared throughout the series, but she's usually just a recurring character, and a friend of Wubbzy and his friends. She's also often seen in the background.

She and Fifi are often victims of slapstick events that happen throughout the show.


Old Lady Zamboni is a kind old lady. She is largely caring to most Wuzzleburg residents. Her residence is a large house with a car. Old Lady Zamboni also participates in events such as the Wuzzolympic Games or the Wuzzleburg Idol contest. She has a positive personality, but she's also gotten angry before. In the episode Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle, Wubbzy's pet, Tiny, stole her cake. Her negative side also appears in Mr. Cool, where she was mad at Walden for ruining the dance party.


Old Lady Zamboni and Wubbzy seem to have a good-standing relationship with each other, as she is an elderly woman and Wubbzy often assists.


  • Her hair is really a wig, as revealed in various episodes.
  • She owns many different pets.

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