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Old Man Grumpus

Old Man Grumpus

Old Man Grumpus
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Old Man Grumpus is a minor character in the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! television series. He appears in two episodes and played a major role in Great and Grumpy Holiday. The character is often referred to as Mr. Grumpus.


Old Man Grumpus is old and grumpy. According to Snowman Willy in Great and Grumpy Holiday, the reason he is so grumpy lies in his past. Every year at holiday time, since he was very young, he has always gotten long johns for his present. He never got what he really wanted, a choo-choo train. Even in Focus Wubbzy, the package that Wubbzy delivers to Mr. Grumpus contains three pairs of long johns.

Old Man Grumpus lives up at the top of Mount Zubba Bubba. He is very protective of his property. When others climb the mountain, he tries to scare them off.

When Old Man Grumpus is not busy being grumpy, he's rather nice. After Wubbzy finds his mother's Rooty Tooty Fruitcake in his present, Mr. Grumpus shares the cake with Wubbzy and his friends. When Mr. Grumpus finds that the people of Wuzzleburg gave him the gift he's always wanted, a train, he feels bad for how he treated them in the past and redecorates the Christmas tree (of which he'd taken the decorations off). He also gives them "presents for everyone" (holding up two pairs of long johns) and a ride on his new train.


Old Man Grumpus is a green-blue color with a white beard and a missing tooth. He wears red long johns and a green hunting cap with ear flaps. He also wears light green gloves and gray boots. His back is hunched and his belly sticks out in front of him a little bit.


Old Man Grumpus appears in Great and Grumpy Holiday and Focus Wubbzy.

In Great and Grumpy Holiday, a flashback scene occurs in which Old Man Grumpus is shown as a toddler, "Little Grumpus", as a kid, "Grumpus", and then as an old man.

Little Grumpus

Little Grumpus with Ma Grumpus


Grumpus as a kid

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