Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Perfecto Party".

Perfecto Party

(Outside Wubbzy's treehouse)

Bird: *Flapping wings, dips beak in water, flapping*

Widget: *Cutting*

Wubbzy: *Squishing, splash, splash*

Walden: How's the birthday party coming along?

Wubbzy: Super. I painted a whole stack of invitations.

Wudget: And I cut out this here sign with my ziggity-zig scissors.

Walden: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY WUBBZY". Nice, nice, nice. And the party hats?

Widget: Yeah. We made 'em ourselves.

Walden: Those are great. What about the marshmallow lasagna?

Wubbzy: Marshmallow lasagna?

Walden: Of course. It's the perfecto birthday dish.

Widget: But marshmallows aren't in season, Walden.

Wubbzy: Maybe we could have jelly bean lasagna instead.

Walden: Oh, no. I'm gonna make you a giant tray of fresh marshmallow lasagna. It's the nicest thing I can do for you on your special day. Don't start the party until I get back.

(Outside Walden's house)

Walden: I can make the lasagna right here in the wagon to save time. *Clicks seatbelt* Now it's off to the supermarket. *Runs engine*


*Spring squeaking*

Wubbzy: Hi, Earl. Will you come to my birthday party?

Earl: A party? I'll be there!

Huggy: Whee!

Wubbzy: Hi, Huggy. Will you come to my birthday party?

Huggy: You bet! Nice invitations, Wubbzy.

Wubbzy: Thanks, Huggy.

Wubbzy: Hi, Buggy. Will you come to my birthday party?

Buggy: Will there be cake?

Wubbzy: Yup.

Buggy: Awesome.

Wubbzy: See y'all there!


*Wheels squeaking*

Walden: Noodles, cheese, chocolate chips. And now to the marshmallow isle!

*Wheels squeaking*

Walden: *Humming, gasps* Galloping gigahertz! Where are all the marshmallows?

Grocer: I'm sorry, sir, but marshmallows are out of season.

Walden: *Sighs* Think, think, think. ... I know! I'll go straight to the marshmallow factory.

*Wheels squeaking*

(Party area)

Wubbzy: It's party time!

Wubbzy, Buggy, Huggy, & Earl: Yippee!

Widget: No no no, not yet! We promised Walden we wouldn't start the party without him.

Wubbzy: Oh, yeah. I forgot. Okay, let's wait for Walden.

Wubbzy, Buggy, Huggy, & Earl: *Sigh*

(Outside the Marshmallow Factory)

Walden: Ah, the marshmallow factory.

*Car squeaks, engine stops*

Walden: "Closed for the season"? Oh, no! Now what? Think, think, think. ...I know. I can go to the marshmallow forest on top of Mount Zubba Bubba. It's a long drive, but it'll be worth it for the perfecto party.

*Engine runs*

(Party area)

Earl: *Yawns, snoring*

Huggy (Quietly): Are you having any fun yet?

Buggy (Quietly): I don't think the party started.

Huggy: Oh.

Widget: Boy, oh, boy. So far, this party is one big flopparoo.

Wubbzy: ... Maybe I can fix that. Hey, I haven't made my birthday cake yet. Who wants to help me?

Earl: I'm a good mixer.

Huggy: I'm a good pourer.

Buggy: I'm a good taster.

Buggy, Huggy, & Earl: *Cheering*

(Top of Mount Zubba Bubba)

Walden: No, no, no. Too hard. No, no, no. Too soft. I can only use marshmallows that are perfecto.

(Party area)

Buggy, Huggy, & Earl: Hooray! 

Buggy & Earl: Mm. 

Buggy: So delicious. 

Huggy: O-o-o-oh. So yummy. 

Buggy: *Chewing*

Wubbzy: Hold on, gang! We're supposed to wait for Walden. Right, Widget? 

Widget: *Chewing* Mm-hmm. 

(Top of Mount Zubba Bubba)

Walden: That should do it! Oh, my, my! I'm late for Wubbzy's birthday party! *Clicks seatbelt* 

*Engine sputters and breaks*

Walden: Uh-oh. I think this mountain was too big for my carbuncle. ... The mountain! I have an idea. 

*Wheels squeaking*

Walden: I can ride the wagon down the hill. Off to the birthday party! 


Walden: Now we're moving! 


Walden: Time to make the marshmallow lasagna. Pouring one bottle of chocolate sauce.

*Vroom, vroom, vroom*

Walden: And two cups of chocolate chips. 

*Vroom, whoosh*

(Party area)

*Party music playing*

(Wuzzleburg streets)

*Horn honks*


Walden: Lay the noodles flat. *Hums*


Walden: And now the cheese. 


Old Lady Zamboni: Oh!

*Splat, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop*

Kooky Kid: Kooky.

Walden: Stir the marshmallows slowly, slowly. Hmm. We need to add water. 

*Water sprays*

Walden: Perfecto! 

(Party area)

Buggy: This has been the best birthday party ever. 

Huggy: Sure was, Wubbzy. 

Earl: I had a great time. Loved your cake. 

Wubbzy: I'm sorry we didn't have any marshmallow lasagna. 

*Horn honks, tires screech*


Walden: Ah, it's finished. Huh? *Gasps* Uh-oh. 

Widget, Buggy, Huggy, & Earl: *Scream* 

Wubbzy: *Screams* 


*Splat, splat*

Walden: Happy birthday, Wubbzy. 

Wubbzy: Walden! 

Walden: Ooh, I guess I'm late. I'm sorry I ruined your party, Wubbzy. 

Wubbzy: You didn't ruin it, Walden. Everybody had a great time. 

Walden: Yeah? Without the marshmallow lasagna? 

Wubbzy: Sure. All you really need for a perfecto party is friends. 

Walden: Hmm. I guess you're right. 

Widget: But, you know what makes this party super perfecto? A great friend with a big heart who brings a really fabulous marshmallow lasagna. 

Wubbzy: You can't have a birthday without it. 

Walden: Who wants a piece? 

Huggy: Me me me me me me me me me me! 

Earl: Me me me! Me, I do, I do! 

Buggy: *Groans* Not me. Oh. 

Wubbzy, Widget & Walden: ... *Laughing* 


Wubbzy & Widget: *Chewing* Mm. Mm-mm. 

Walden: Well, what do you think of my marshmallow lasagna? 

Widget: I think it's perfecto. 

Wubbzy: *Pop, pop pop pop, popping* I think I'm allergic to marshmallows. 

Widget & Walden: ... *Laughing*

Wubbzy: *Laughing* 

*Pop, popping* 

[The end] 

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