(Wubbzy's treehouse - Living room)

Wubbzy: (To the viewers) Wow wow, everybody! I'm hanging up this cool picture of me and my friends.

(Picture slants)

Wubbzy: Hmm. That doesn't look right. There.


Wubbzy: Hmm. That doesn't look right either. That should do it.


Wubbzy: Wow. Definitely not right.

Widget: Hey there, Wubbster. Watcha doing?

Wubbzy: I'm trying to hang up this picture, but it won't stay straight.


Widget: Oh. I can fix this. No problemo.


Widget: Ta-da!

Wubbzy: Wow. That should keep the picture straight alright.

Widget: (Laughs) You betcha. This picture isn't move in a inch.

(Walls cracking, crash)

Widget: Ooh. That wasn't supposed to happen.

Wubbzy: (Laughs)

[The end]