Polly the Parrot

Polly the Parrot is one of Old Lady Zamboni's pets.


Polly the parrot appears in the episode Puddle Muddle. Wubbzy has been trying to keep clean for a photograph, but is sidetracked when Old Lady Zamboni calls for help. Polly has escaped from her cage and is up in a tree. Knowing he risks getting dirty, Wubbzy timidly agrees to help her. He bounces over and climbs up the tree. However, when he grabs onto Polly's feet, Polly flies him all over the place. Wubbzy's grip slips and he lands in a mud puddle and leaves, while Polly flies back into her cage. Old Lady Zamboni shuts the cage and thanks Wubbzy, not even noticing that Wubbzy is now covered in mud and leaves.

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