The Singing Sunflowers appear in Too Much of a Doodle Thing. They are in Daizy's garden and sing whatever she says. Their names are Tootie (first big one), Cutie (second big one), and Esther (small one).  Tootie sings the high notes, Cutie sings the middle notes, and Esther sings the low notes. They can repeat anything that they hear in a song.


The Singing Sunflowers can repeat anything that they hear in a song. When Daizy offered Wubbzy some magic grow spray, they repeat the two words. Tootie sings "magic grow", then Cutie repeats it, harmonizing with Tootie, and then Esther sings the bass line, wrapping up the three part harmony. Then they use this same tune for "doodleberries" and finally "teeny tiny". 

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