Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Special Delivery."

Special Delivery

(Wubbzy's treehouse, Living room)

*Choo Choo*

Wubbzy: There goes the train! Over the bridge! Choo choo!! And now he's going around the bend... and under the tunnel! CHOO CHOO!! Wow! *Laughs* I love trains!

*Ding Dong*

*Door squeaks*

Mailman: Hello, Wubbzy. I have a special delivery here.

Wubbzy: Wow, wow!! Is it for me?

Mailman: No, it's for Walden. But he's not home right now so is it okay if I leave this package with you until he get's home?

Wubbzy: Sure!

Mailman: Thanks, Wubbzy.

Wubbzy: Oof, oof, augh!


Wubbzy: "Toy Universe". That's the greatest toy store in the whole world! Hey, I wonder what it is. A rocket-powered sled? A singing and dancing robot? A stuffed three-toed sloth? Oh well. Back to my trains. Choo choo!! ... Choo-choo!! Choo choo!! Choo choo!! Choo ch-augh-oops! Oh, look at that. I ran right into this silly old package. Gee, that's interesting. If somebody just pulled it that flat, it could open right up. Now Walden's package is wide open. I should check to make sure everything's in there. *Gasp* It's the Tooty Toot Turbo Train! The coolest train set in the world! Wow...!!

*Choo Choo*

*Choo Choo*

*Choo Choo*

Wubbzy: Cool...!!


*Ding Dong*

Wubbzy: *Gasp* That must be Walden looking for his package. I-I have to put you away!

*Choo Choo*


*Yoink, boing*

*Door opens*

Widget: That you there, Wubbzy?

Wubbzy: Widget?

Widget: You okay there, little buddy?

Wubbzy: Yes, uh- I was just chasing..

*Choo choo*

Widget: Cool-a-moondo!

*Choo Choo*

Widget: *Gasp* The Tooty Toot Turbo Train! Is it yours?

Wubbzy: No. It's Walden's.

Widget: Ooh.., ooh, ooh, ooh, you should never play with somebody else's toys without asking, Wubbzy.

Wubbzy: I know...

Widget: You know Wubbster, you really oughta put everything away.

Wubbzy: You're right..

Widget: Although... I wonder what the track looks like.

Wubbzy: I guess we could put it together really quick,

*Tracks scatter*

Wubbzy: just to get an idea.

Widget: Sure thing! I can use my new four-bit hydraulic screwdriver. *Humming* Hm, let's see now. This goes here, and this goes here..


*Choo Choo*

Widget: Hm. Well now. That can't be right.

Wubbzy: Maybe we should check the directions.

Widget: Yup. That's another way to do it.

*Phone rings*

Wubbzy: Hello?

Walden: Hello, Wubbzy. It's Walden. I understand you have a package of mine.

Wubbzy: Uh.. Yeah.

Walden: I'll be right over there to get it.

Wubbzy: Walden is coming! Walden is coming!!

Widget: Oh, good. Maybe he can figure out these here directions.

Wubbzy: No! We have to put the train set away right now!

Widget: Oh! No problemo!

*Screwdriver whiring*

*Vacuum sucking*

*Choo Choo*

*Tracks scatter, scatter*

*Boing, boing*


Wubbzy: I get the feeling that something's missing.

*Choo Choo*


*Train chugging*

Wubbzy: Follow that train!

*Choo Choo*

Wubbzy & Widget: *Panting*

*Choo Choo*

*Choo Choo*

Wubbzy: We'll never catch it.

Widget: Sure will! Wait there, Wubbzy. I have the perfect gadget for catching a runaway train.

Wubbzy: What's that?

Widget: Why it's my patented Super-Suction Cup Bazooka 3000.

*Choo Choo*

Widget: Watch this.



Widget: *Laughs* I got it! I got it!!



Widget: Oops. I don't got it. Look out!!


Wubbzy: Oh!

*Boing, plunge*

Widget: Ugh. Oh, I'm sorry about that, Wubbzy.

*Choo choo*

*Choo Choo*

*Clash, clash*

*Poof, poof*

*Pop, pop*

*Choo Choo-*


*Weak Choo Choo*


*Weak Choo Choo*

Wubbzy: I got it!

Widget: I got it!

Wubbzy: I got it!!

Widget: I got it!

Wubbzy & Widget: I got it..!! *Bonk*

Widget: Oh. We got it all right.

Walden: *Humming*

Wubbzy: Oh no! Walden's here.

Walden: *Humming* Hello, Wubbzy. What were you doing in the backyard?

Wubbzy: *Panting* Uh, oh. *Pants* Nothing! Uh, nothing at all!

Walden: Then how come you're out of breath?

Wubbzy: Uh, I'm.. in training. *Jumping*

*Choo Choo*

Walden: Listen to that.

*Choo Choo*

Walden: I didn't know the train was this close to your house.

Wubbzy: Huh, you'd be surprised.

*Choo Choo*

Walden: Anyway, I'm here for my package, Wubbzy. Is it inside?

*Choo Choo*

Walden: Ah, here it is.

Wubbzy: Uh.. You know, Walden, it's kinda heavy. Maybe you should leave it here for now.

Walden: Funny you should say that, Wubbzy, because-

Widget: Hey there! Get over here!

Walden: What's Widget doing out there?

Wubbzy: Oh, she's catching butterflies.

Walden: On the ground?

Widget: Whoa!! *Crash*

Walden: Ha! That Widget is always up to something. Anyway, as I was saying, ..Hey! I think this package was already opened. Wubbzy. What's going on here?

Wubbzy: I confess, Walden. I was playing with your new train set.

Walden: You were?

Wubbzy: Yes. And now I can't stop it.

*Choo Choo*

Wubbzy: It's running wild all over the backyard.

*Choo Choo*


*Choo Choo*


Walden: So I see.


*Choo Choo*


Widget: I got it!

Wubbzy: I guess we should've read the directions.

Walden: I guess so.

Wubbzy: Gee. The engine is all beat up. I'm really sorry, Walden. I shouldn't have played with your train set without asking.

Walden: Heh. Actually, Wubbzy, the train set belongs to you.

Wubbzy: Huh?

Walden: I won it in a science contest and I wanted you to have it because I know how much you love trains.

Wubbzy: You mean it's mine!? *Groans*

Walden: Don't worry. I'm sure Widget can fix it up as good as new.

Widget: Heheh! No problemo!

*Screwdriver whiring*

(Wubbzy's treehouse, Living room)

*Train chugging*

*Choo Choo*

Wubbzy: Gee, thanks for fixing up my brand new train set, guys. Can you both stay and play with it? Guys?

Walden: There goes the train! Over the bridge!

Widget: Choo choo!!

*Choo Choo*

[The end]

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