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Episode Information
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Season №: 2
Episode №: 35a
Airdate: October 29, 2008
Sister episode(s): March of the Pumpkins
Written by: Eileen Brennan
Storyboard by: Jeff Mednikow
Directed by: Steve Daye
Ron Crown
Previous: New Kid on the Block
Next: March of the Pumpkins
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The Ghost of Wuzzleburg is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

Characters Present


Wubbzy wants to win the contest for Scariest Costume during the Halloween party.


Unavailable at the time.

Post-Show Skit

The music video for the song "Halloween Night" plays. The nice witch from Once Upon a Wubbzy makes a cameo appearance during the music video.

Memorable quotes

Wubbzy: (laughs) Ho Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (wubbzy take a pumpkin off) Wow Wow Did I scare you is fun to scare people and today is the best day all the scare people is today it's the day of the big halloween party and everyone is getting ready for it there's walden, widget, and daizy i'll pretend to be a ghostie ghost and see if i can scare them (wubbzy wear the costume ghostie-ghost wubbzy see walden) boo!

Widget: Say the party start where wubbzy

Wubbzy: G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Ghost (wubbzy scream they run off)

Daizy: is the monster (people scream) (wubbzy slip the apple) wubbzy your the monster you scare us!

Wubbzy: Look out! He's a real ghost! (people scream)


  • In The Nasty Nose, when Daizy was making Wubbzy hide his nose by using make-up, she made him look like a monster which scared him, but didn't scare Daizy. However, in this episode, Wubbzy was able to get back at Daizy, who was looking in a mirror; Wubbzy, dressed as a different monster, popped up and scared her, similar to how she scared Wubbzy in The Nasty Nose.


  • After Wubbzy Says "Right Mr Ghost?" and continues to walk, his hand is behind his mouth.


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