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Episode Information
The Last Leaf
Season №: 1
Episode №: 12b
Airdate: October 26, 2006
Sister episode(s): Monster Madness
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Next: Wubbzy Bounces Back!
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The Last Leaf is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season one.

Characters Present


Walden waits for the last leaf from the Figgity-Fig tree to fall. When Wubbzy and Widget come back they find Walden fast asleep. When the leaf falls Wubbzy and Widget try to catch it before Walden wakes up.


Wubbzy and Widget go to play in the fallen leaves. They find Walden collecting leaves. Walden joins them as they head to the big leaf pile, but stops when he sees the last leaf on the figgety fig tree is about to fall and waits for it. Wubbzy and Widget leave to go play in the leaf pile. They check on Walden, only to find him napping and the last leaf isn't on the tree! Assuming it fell while Walden was napping, Wubbzy and Widget chase down a leaf that looks like it. They end up with two identical leaves, so they take it back to Walden to decide which one was the last leaf. But, when Walden wakes up, he tells them he'd already caught the leaf!


  • On DirecTV and other cable systems, the title reads "The Very Last Leaf".
  • A Charlie Brown reference is used in this episode when Widget rises from the pumpkin patch, she is being the Great Pumpkin

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