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Episode Information
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Season №: 2
Episode №: 33b
Airdate: October 16, 2008
Sister episode(s): Wubbzy the Hero
Written by: Suzanne Collins
Storyboard by: Kevin Frank
Directed by: Steve Daye
Ron Crown
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The Nasty Nose is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

Characters Present


There's a pool party at the Wubb Club, but before Wubbzy gets there, his nose grows to the size of a purple polka-dotted zucchini! It isn't serious, but Wubbzy is too embarrassed to go to the pool party. His friends help him come up with a way that he can go to the party and hide his "nasty nose".



  • At the beginning of this episode, Wubbzy's clock ringing was the same as the beginning of the theme song.
  • The purple polka-dotted zucchini bares a close resemblance to the nose of an old Noggin (now known as Nick Jr.) mascot named Feetface.