Widget: (Ballet dancing)

Wubbzy: Wow, wow! Everybody! Widget loves to dance like a ballerina. I love to dance too. I have my own dance called the Wubbzy Wiggle, wanna see how it goes? First you wiggle your arms, then you wiggle your legs, then you wiggle your tail, then you wiggle EVERYTHING, and that's how you do the Wubbzy Wiggle.

Widget: (Still ballet dancing) Nice dancing there, little buddy.

Wubbzy: You too, Widget. You can do your own dance too, you know. Because everyone can dance.

Walden: (Dancing like a nutso) Yee-bah, shoobie doobie bop, Yee-bah, shoobie doobie bop. (Trips over log) YEE-BAH!

Wubbzy: Yep, even Walden. *giggles*