Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Wuzzleburg Express".

The Wuzzleburg Express

(Train station)

Bird: *Flapping wings*

Wubbzy: Wow wow, everybody. Today is the Wuzzleburg picnic. It's gonna be so much fun.

Walden: Yes yes yes! The four-legged races, and the wuffle ball tournament.

Widget: And the picnic ants doing their famous ants-in-your-pants dance before they carry off the doodleberry pie.

*Train whistle tooting*

Wubbzy: Hooray! Here comes the Wuzzleburg Express.

*Train whistle tooting*

*Train running, screeching*

Train engineer: *Tooting train whistle*

Wubbzy: Wow! *Bouncing*

Widget: I sure wish I could ride the train with you guys, but I have some work to finish up. I'll meet you at the picnic later.

Wubbzy: Okay, Widget.

Train conductor: All aboard!

Train engineer: *Tooting train whistle*

*Train running slowly*

Wubbzy: Here we go, off to Mt. Zubba Bubba.

Widget: Goodbye!

Wubbzy: Bye bye!

Widget: Have a good trip.

Walden: See you later.

Widget: Bye bye!!

Wubbzy & Walden: Goodbye!!

*Train continues running slowly*

*Train whistle toots*

*Widget's vehicle running*

*Train continues running slowly*

Old Lady Zamboni: *Rings bicycle bell*

Wubbzy: Wow, this is the slowest express I ever saw.

Walden: I know. It'll be dark by the time we get to the picnic.

(Wuzzleburg outskirts)

Bunny: *Bouncing*

*Train whistle toots*

*Train sputtering, squealing*

Passengers: *Groaning*

*Engine hissing*

Wubbzy: Is there anything we can do to help, Mr. Engineer?

Train engineer: It's a tricky old engine, Wubbzy. Needs special care. *Pats train wheel* I'd better go back to the station and get the mechanic.



Train engineer: *Clicks, squeaks handcar*

Wubbzy: Bye bye. Hurry back.


*Horn honking*

Widget: Howdy, partners. What's going on?

Wubbzy: Are you on your way to the picnic, Widget?

Widget: Yes siree. Got my picnic basket all packed.

Walden: Splendid! Then you can give Wubbzy and me a ride.

Widget: Sure thing. But what's wrong with the train?

Wubbzy: We don't know. It just pooped out.

Widget: Maybe I can fix it.

Walden: I don't know, Widget. The engineer said it could be a tricky problem.

Widget: Tricky? Those are the best kinds of problems.


Widget: *Drilling and hammering* There, that should do it. Okay, Wubbzy, start her up.

Wubbzy: *Beep*

*Engine chugging, hissing*

Wubbzy: Hooray! It works!

Widget: Then let's make tracks.

Walden: Um, we should probably wait for the engineer to come back.

Wubbzy: But we might miss the picnic.

Widget: Oh, don't worry, Walden. I can drive this train, no problemo. And Wubbster here, he can blow the whistle.

Wubbzy: I can? Wow! *Tooting train horn* All aboard!

Train conductor: All aboard!

Widget: *Tooting train whistle*

*Train chugging*

Widget: *Tooting train whistle*

*Train chugging fast*

Cow: *Moos*

Wubbzy: Wow, you really fixed it, Widget. We'll get to that picnic in no time.

Walden: Yes yes yes. We just need to stop at the next station to pick up some passengers.

Widget: I see it right up ahead. *Tooting train whistle*


Widget: Oh, that's funny. We're not stopping.

*Train chugging fast*

Wubbzy: Sorry!! Can't you stop the train, Widget?

Widget: Oh sure, little buddy. No problemo. It must be one of these knobs. *Beep*

*Trumpet music plays*

Widget: *Beeping*

*Train springing*

Widget: *Beeping*

Wubbzy: Whee! Uh-oh!

*Train chugging, swoosh*

Wubbzy: Phew.

Walden: *Blows* Eureka! The train manual. This should help us. Page one.

*Train chugging*

Wubbzy, Widget & Walden: Whoa! Whoa!

*Train chugging*

Wubbzy: We're at the picnic grounds.


Widget: But we're moving too fast for anyone to get off.

Wubbzy: I have an idea.

Passengers: Whoa...! Hooray!

Walden: Page five.

Widget: *Beeping*

Wubbzy: I think you fixed this train engine too well, Widget. Wow wow wow! The tracks are ending!

Widget: And we're gonna crash right into that there marshmallow forest.

Wubbzy: What do we do now?

*Train chugging*

Walden: Ah, the last page. "When all else fails, push the 'When all else fails' button."

Wubbzy: There it is.

Widget: *Beep*

*Train chugging, grinding metal, hissing*

Wubbzy: Wow, that was a close one.

(Picnic area)

Train mechanic: *Squeaks handcar*

Train engineer: What happened here, Wubbzy?

Wubbzy: Uh, well, we got the engine started, but we couldn't get it stopped.

Widget: It was my fault. I just wanted to help, but I should've been more careful. I'm sorry.

Train engineer: *Laughs* I'll say this, Widget, you sure put the express back in the old Wuzzleburg Express.

Wubbzy, Widget, Walden, train engineer & train mechanic: *Laughing*


Birds: *Pecking*

Wubbzy: Well, the four-legged race is over.

Walden: And so is the wuffle ball tournament.

Widget: Yeah. I guess we missed everything.

Wubbzy: *Gasps* Not everything!

Walden: It's the picnic ants doing their famous ants-in-your-pants dance.

*Conga music playing*

Widget: And now they're carrying off the doodleberry pie.

Everyone: *Cheering*

Wubbzy: Well, at least we made it in time for dessert.

[The end]

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