Uncle Larry

Uncle Larry is Wubbzy's uncle who appears in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. He only appeared in the song, Ask For a Little Help.


Despite being Wubbzy's uncle, Larry looks very different from him. He's big, the top of his head is thin, his feet are huge and shaped differently, and his nose is more square-shaped. He has a white mustache and white hair on his head near his ears. He wears square-shaped glasses and a pink shirt with a darker pink collar and flowers decorated all over it. His tail was never revealed, so it's unknown if it's long and/or bendy.


Uncle Larry's only and brief appearance was in the song, Ask For a Little Help, where he turned on the light for Wubbzy when he was scared of the dark.


The only thing known about uncle Larry, besides being Wubbzy's uncle, is that he really cares about Wubbzy when he turned the light on for him when was scared of being in the dark.