Walden's Delightful Dress Up Game Title Screen

Walden's Delightful Dress Up is one of the three Wubbzy games, along with Wubbzy's Wow! Wow! Ring Catch and Widget's Build a Robot, that was posted on months before Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! aired.


Walden has a lot of clothes he wants to wear.

When finished, he gets amazed and ready to start his day.


Click with the mouse to select clothing and accessories, or "Done".


The player must dress Walden with anything you want him to wear. When you're done, click "Done", and you can either play again or print out a picture of Walden wearing the clothes you put on him.

There are several different hats, glasses, shoes, shirts (with gloves), and pants for him to wear. By default, he wears only his underwear and glasses. Once you make him wear any particular type of clothing, he has to wear it until you restart. You can replace them with another article of clothing, but you can't take them off, or even get his underwear and everyday glasses back.

Please note that every moment, Walden makes different poses and looks around. This will also be effected when you print him out.


Walden's theme plays throughout the game.


  • Walden is always forced to wear pants, even though he normally never wears pants on the show.
    • He wasn't even wearing pants on the title screen.
  • Also on the title screen, Walden's tie has no outline.
  • And one more thing about it, it shows a green shirt that's not in the game.
  • When he wears the space helmet, all of his glasses, including his everyday ones, aren't transparent as if he's not wearing the helmet.
  • A couple articles of clothing have Walden's everyday clothes under them.
  • You are able to make Walden wear the 'cool clothes' he wore in Mr. Cool.