Walden's Minute of Knowledge01:19

Walden's Minute of Knowledge

Walden's Minute of Knowledge is a short from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! featured after the episode, Goo Goo Grief!.

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Walden shows Wubbzy different types of flowers.


Wubbzy greets the viewers and announces that it's time for "Walden's Minute of Knowledge". Walden teaches about different types of flowers. He shows Wubbzy a Hoop-a-Dingle plant, a flower with pink bells hanging down, that rings when touched like he demonstrated, amazing Wubbzy. Next, Walden shows him a Tum-Tum Tickler, a flower with purple vines. Wubbzy asked why it's called that as he approaches it, then its vine tickled his tummy, answering his question. Lastly, they head for a pink low-hanging flower they don't know. When Walden tried to remember what it is, it sprayed water in his face. Wubbzy figured out it was a Shower Flower and laughed, then the flower sprayed his back. He quietly responded "Wow." as the short ends.


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  • When this short aired on the Wubbcast, it was titled "Walden's Minute of Knowledge (Part 1)". It's likely that if the show caught on, there would've been more shorts where Walden shows Wubbzy other things; or that was planned to happen at first, but didn't.

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