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Episode Information
Widget Ride
Season №: 1
Episode №: 2a
Airdate: August 28, 2006
Sister episode(s): Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle
Written by: Frederick Stroppel
Storyboards by: Michael J. Sosonowski

Bob Boyle

Directed by: Brian Hogan
Previous: Special Delivery
Next: Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle
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Widget's Wild Ride is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season one.

Characters Present


Widget modifies Wubbzy's old road racer, but takes it a little too far.


Wubbzy and Walden are walking on the street. Walden is reading a book while Wubbzy is bouncing around, trying to catch his balloon. He forgets about it when he sees a sign noting pedestrians about the annual Wuzzleburg Road Racer Rally. Walden replies, though is concentrated too well in his book that he does not understand completely. Wubbzy leaves, without Walden knowing.

Walden walks to Wubbzy's treehouse, seeing him bringing out an old road racer, the Wubbmobile, for the big event. Walden tells him that it looks a little run-down and rusty. Wubbzy washes it with his garden hose, making it look better. He tests it, but it breaks down. Wubbzy heads to Widget's workshop for help.

Widget asks Wubbzy if she can borrow it for a day to fix it, after seeing its condition. The next morning, Wubbzy waits at Widget's, sitting outside until she is finished. She brings out an enhanced version of Wubbzy's racer, though unneeded modifications were made overnight. Wubbzy asks if it is a bit much, then they go for a test ride. Despite Wubbzy's certainty of winning, Widget thinks he needs more modifying done if he wants to win.

Widget goes a little too far with fixing the racer, though Wubbzy does not have time to test it on the day of the race. At the rally, Wubbzy gets ahead of the other racers, but the Wubbmobile starts to break down. Widget complicatedly tells him what to do, and decides to press a bunch of buttons, causing the racer to lose its wheels and eject Wubbzy from his seat. He gives up, making Widget feel bad for going too far with the enhancements. Though Wubbzy isn't mad and cheers up, saying that there's always next year. Then Widget tells him about the wings.

She presses the button on the racer and it opens up a pair of wings. Wubbzy asks Walden if he wants to ride with them, and he hops in. Widget makes the Wubbmobile fly high into the sky. She then asks what Walden's been reading, which was the 'Wow, Wow Guide to Wuzzleburg'. They fly past the Figgity-Fig Tree, Donut Rock, the Goofy Geysers, and Mt. Zubba Bubba.

Wubbzy finally gets back in first place and is close to the finish line. He then wants to fly over the mountains again, saying that he doesn't care about winning and is having so much fun with his friends. They fly the other way and have a blast flying over Wuzzleburg.


See: Widget's Wild Ride/Transcript


Wubbzy: *Bouncing* *Screech* Look! The Wuzzleburg Road Racer Rally is tomorrow! Wow, wow! What a great race!

Walden: Mm-hmm, very interesting.

Wubbzy: The winner gets all kinds of prizes.

Walden: Oh, really?

Wubbzy: Balloons and free movie passes, and a year's supply of ice cream. Wow, wow!! I'm gonna get out my road racer right now! *Bounces*

(Outside Wubbzy's garage)

*Tires squeaking*

Walden: ...

Wubbzy: I call it the 'Wubbmobile'.

Walden: Hmm, very interesting, Wubbzy. But it looks kind of rickety to me.


Walden: Motor is rusty.


Walden: The wheels are a little wobbly.

Wubbzy: Don't worry. I'll just clean it up a little and it'll be fine.

*Water spraying*

Walden: If you say so. See you at the race.

*Ting, sparkling*

Wubbzy: There. Now it's ready to go. *Boing*



*Engine chugs*

Wubbzy: Look out, world, here I come!

*Engine spits and sputters*

*Tire deflates*

Wubbzy: I'm gonna need an expert mechanic for this. And that can mean only one person.

(Widget's workshop)

Widget: Hmm. Adjust the dinklebelt. Tighten this here sputter sprocket.

Wubbzy: Do you think you can fix it, Widget?

Widget: Why don't you leave it here and come back later, okay, little buddy? I'll see what I can do.

Wubbzy: Thanks, Widget. *Bouncing*


*Banging, clanging, sawing, clanging, horn honks*

Widget: You ready?

Wubbzy: I'm ready! Wow..!


Widget: Turbo rockets on the side. Monster wheels. Inflatable bumpers. *Laughs* It's a real mean machine.

Wubbzy: That's really cool! But.. maybe it's too much?

Widget: Let's give it a test ride and see.




*Engine revs, squeal, vrooms*

Wubbzy: Wow wow wow!




Widget: *Laughs* Now, that was a sweet ride.

Wubbzy: Wow! I'll win the rally for sure! This racer's got everything but a sail!

Widget: Hm. *Gasp* Hey, maybe it should have a sail.

Wubbzy: Huh?

Widget: Why, sure. If it's a windy day, you'll get more speed! *Gasp* Oh, and oars too, in case you get stuck in a deep puddle. *Gasp* And a juice machine in case you get thirsty!

Wubbzy: That might be overdoing it, Widget.

Widget: Come back tomorrow, Wubbster. It'll be ready in time for the race.

Wubbzy: But, Widget- *Sighs*

(Widget's workshop)

Widget: Well, Wubbzy, what do you think?

Wubbzy: I don't know, Widget. Seems kind of big to me.

Widget: It sure is. It even has its own built-in cheering section.



Widget: *Laughs* Not bad, huh?


Wubbzy: Wow! That means the Road Racer Rally is starting in 15 minutes.

Widget: Let's do it!

(Road Racer Rally)

*Crowd cheering*

Widget: She's all yours now, little buddy.

Walden: Hmm. Very interesting. But is this thing safe?

Wubbzy: I hope so!

Widget: No problemo. Everything works like a charm.

*Air horn blares*

Announcer: Racers, start your engines!

*Engines putter*

*Tires squeal, engine roars*

Announcer: Ready.. Set.. Go!

*Crowd cheers*

*Tires squeal*

*Engines putter*

Widget: Go, Wubbzy, go!!

*Engine roars*

*Engines putter*

Wubbzy: Wow. I'm going to win this race easily.

*Engine sputters*

Wubbzy: Uh-oh.


Widget: Oopsy-daisy! That's not supposed to happen.


Wubbzy: What's going on?

*Engine stops*


Widget: Push the combustion button! Disengage the turbo toggle!



*Beep, beep, beep, beep*

*Engine shudders, crash*


Widget: Oh, I'm sorry, Wubbzy! I thought for sure it would work!

Wubbzy: Oh. I'll never win the race now.

Widget: Oh, gosh golly, I feel terrible. I was only trying to help.

Walden: I know, Widget. But every now and then, you go a little overboard.

Widget: Yeah, you're right, Walden. Hi there, Wubbzy.

Wubbzy: ...

Widget: Oh, this is all my fault. I should've listened to you before. I don't blame you for being mad at me.

Wubbzy: I'm not mad at you, Widget. You did your best. Don't worry. Next year, we'll win the Road Racer Rally for sure.

Widget: Next year? Well, why not this year?

Wubbzy: There's no way we'll catch those other cars now.

Widget: Did you try the wings yet?

Wubbzy: Wings?



Wubbzy: Wow!

Widget: Let's do it!

Wubbzy: Hey, Walden, wanna come along for a ride?

Widget: Yeah, there's plenty of room!

Walden: Hmm. Very interesting. *Jump* Don't mind if I do.

Widget: Everyone, buckle up!




Widget: Turbo rockets, full power!

*Rockets roar, whoosh*

Wubbzy, Widget & Walden: Wheee! *Laughing*

Widget: By the way, Walden, what's that book there you've been reading?

Walden: It's the 'Wow, Wow Guide to Wuzzleburg'. Look! There's the Figgity-Fig Tree!


Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow! And here's Donut Rock!

Walden: And now we're flying over the Goofy Geysers! Don't get wet!

Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow!! We're flying right over Mt. Zubba Bubba!

Widget: Hey, lookie there! We're passing the other racers!

Walden: And look at that! Here comes the finish line!

*Crowd cheering*

Widget: You're gonna win the race for sure, Wubbzy!

Wubbzy: Hey, let's fly over those mountains again!

Widget: The mountains? Well- But don't you wanna win the race?

Wubbzy: I don't care about winning. I'm having too much fun with my friends!


Wubbzy, Widget & Walden: Let's do it!

[The end]


Wubbzy: Look out, world, here I come!

Widget: *Gasp* Hey, maybe it should have a sail. Wubbzy: Huh? Widget: Why, sure. If it's a windy day, you'll get more speed. *Gasp* Oh, and oars too, in case you get stuck in a deep puddle. *Gasp* And a juice machine in case you get thirsty.


Widget: Push the combustion button! Disengage the turbo toggle!

Wubbzy: I don't care about winning. I'm having too much fun with my friends!


  • Storyboard artist Mike Sosonowski is credited as his full name in this episode.
  • The audience shows recolored characters from A Tale of Tails; including the Kooky kid.
  • Near the end where Wubbzy, Widget and Walden started flying in the Wubbmobile, all three of them were heard laughing, but Widget and Wubbzy's mouths weren't open.

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