Wubb Games ( is a sister website of the main Wubbzy website, (now defunct). This is where you can play six of its own online games that feature Wubbzy. However, all but one of them can't be played unless you have a Wubb Code that can be found in certain Wubbzy merchandise.

The website is now defunct.


When you enter the website, Wubbzy will greet you and ask if you have a Wubb Code, and give you the options "Yes" and "No". If you click "No", Wubbzy will direct you to the only game you can play without a code: Sketchity Sketch Pad. If you click "Yes", you will enter a screen to enter your Wubb Code in. The codes are:



There six different pages of games that also come with a song from the show, and a coloring printable. Placing the cursor over the games' icons will show the name of the merch that has the Wubb Code to unlock them, except for Kooky Kostume Kreator and Sketchity Sketch Pad which show the names of their games.

Kooky Kostume Kreator

  • Code to unlock: Any.
  • Merchandise to get code: None.
  • Song: Pet Party

Wacky Wubb Hunt

Sketchity Sketch Pad

Kickety Kick Ball Bounce Out!

Disco Dancin' Wubbzy

Wuzzleburg Stack-ums


You can click on "Visit Us!" to go to Wubbzy's main website (which is no longer active), the mailbox to send an email of Wubb Games to your friends, or "PARENTS" that will open up a page showing the merchandise that contain the Wubb Codes along with links to go where to buy them on However, the Wubbzy merch there are no longer available.

Archived Navigation

The Wubb Games website expired after October 10th, 2017 (latest archivable date on the Wayback Machine). On the archived website (linked below), it still works, but has the following downsides:

  • None of the printables will appear,
  • None of the songs will play,
  • The merch links will not work,
  • And worst of all, none of the games will load.

Link (Archived)


  • When you place your cursor over the treehouse door, it will open and the monkey inside will peak out at you.
    • Inside, there's no background. It shows a Wuzzleburg building from the main background.
  • There are graphics that look off, like the tree on the right being placed higher than the ground, and the big pink rabbit running on its level.
  • When you have access to all six games and reenter the website, Wubbzy will just greet you and you'll be on a random game page.
  • There are also Wubb Codes from the Soapity Suds Wubbzy, Swirly Twirly Daizy and Kooky Kostumes toys. They're likely the same ones listed above.