Wubbzy's Silly Speeder Title Screen

Wubbzy's Silly Speeder is a side-scrolling racing game based off Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! that used to be available to play on


Widget finishes making the Turbo Car 3000. She needs Wubbzy's help to test it, and suggests to have him race against the Sillysaurus. He does so.

After three races, Widget compliments Wubbzy and asks him if he wants to race again.


The player controls Wubbzy by moving the mouse. Moving it vertically makes Wubbzy go up and down, and moving it horizontally changes the speed of the car.


Wubbzy must race against the Sillysaurus while dodging obstacles on three tracks: The road, the river, and the jungle. Running over the arrows facing right will speed the car up, but left arrows will slow you down and make you go the other way, and the up and down arrows and whirlpools will push you around. Driving over mud slows you down, and driving over ice highly prevents you from moving up or down. The obstacles consist of rocks, bushes, sponges; logs that are short, long or pop in and out water; tall grass and tree stumps. Hitting these obstacles will too slow you down, but half of them will vanish after hitting them once. Others don't, forcing you to maneuver around them. On level 3, there are acorns that shrink Wubbzy when he runs over them. When tiny, you'll move faster and avoid obstacles easier.

Each stage also has party items to collect along the way. Collecting them gives your end level score 10 points for each one collected. If you beat the Sillysaurus, you'll receive a 500 point bonus; but if you lose, you won't get the bonus. There's no game over for failing, so it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Your score will be totaled after the third stage.

The Sillysaurus runs slow, but will pick up the pace when you get ahead of him. If he gets ahead of you, he'll pause and yell "Hoody-Hoody-Hoo!!" a few times, allowing you catch up.


Title screen: Opening Theme

Stage 1 (The road): Kooky Is Cool

Stage 2 (The river): You're a Star

Stage 3 (The jungle): Mr. Cool

End Screen: Daizy's theme (with Daizy humming to the music)


  • The ends of the stage songs can be heard when you finish the stage their in.
  • The party items resemble kickety-kick balls.
  • Despite Daizy being absent in the game, she is heard humming at the end screen.
  • If you choose to play again, your score will continue to add up from your previous playthrough. You can keep getting points if you keep playing again.
    • Much like in the second version of Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure, if you reach 10,000 points, your score will still continue adding up, but the ones' digit will disappear. For example, if you have 10,840 points, it will show '1084' instead.