Wubbzy Gardening Title

Wubbzy Gardening is a gardening game based off Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! that used to be available to play on


Wubbzy must help plant flowers for Walden during the four seasons of the year.


The player controls Wubbzy by using the mouse to move him around and select objects. To plant flowers, the player has to pick up the seeds, place them in dirt mounds, then pick up the watering can, water the planted mounds, and pluck the flowers once their fully grown. There are seven dirt mounds, so you can make up to seven flowers at a time. If the cow comes by, it'll eat your plants when he walks over them. Touch it to make it go away.

There are four stages in the game and each have a two minute time limit. You'll get a point for every flower you collect. Your score will be totaled by the end of each stage, and will have an overall total after the 4th stage. The cow intervenes the garden in every level except summer. He moves slow in fall and winter, and moves fast in spring. All four seasons take place in each level and each have different flowers planted: Kooky karnations in Summer, flutter flowers in fall, frosty-freezy flowers in winter, and sunny funflowers in spring.

On the end screen, you'll be able to print decals for your garden.


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