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Episode Information
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Season №: 1
Episode №: 19b
Airdate: February 14, 2007
Sister episode(s): Mr. Valentine
Written by: Robert David
Storyboard by: Tina Kugler
Steve Daye
Directed by: Brian Hogan
Previous: Mr. Valentine
Next: Mt. Fizzy Pop
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Wubbzy in the Middle is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season one.

Characters present


Widget and Walden stop being friends after Widget's machine tossed Walden's books all over the place and Walden broke the machine trying to fix it. Wubbzy tries to get them back together with balloons, but it fails.Then Wubbzy floats away with the balloons, so Widget and Walden stop fighting and work together in order to help him.


  • The title is a parody of Piggy in the Middle.


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