Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Wubbzy in the Woods."

Wubbzy in the Woods

(The woods)

*Engine chugging*

Wubbzy: Oh boy. I love camping.

Widget: Yeah, me too.

Walden: Yes yes yes!! I can't wait to gather different samples of flowers and ferns, and do some serious stargazing at night.

*Engine chugging, screech*

Duck: *Quacking*

Widget: And I can't wait to try out my new inventions, like my instant campfire machine, and my Electronic Bird Call Replicator 3000...

Electronic Bird Call Replicator 3000: *Chirping*

Widget: ...with Dolby sound.

Wubbzy: I can't wait to go to my favorite pond and catch some Speckled Flying Frogs.

Walden: As a scientist, I believe that all animals should be allowed to run free, and that includes frogs.

Wubbzy: I always let them go when I'm finished, Walden, but it's so much fun to catch 'em! I can't wait! *Catch* Oops.

(Camping area)

Wubbzy: Okay! Let's go!

Widget: Oh, wait up, Wubbzy!

Wubbzy: *Screech*

Widget: First we have to unload this here truck.

Wubbzy: We do?

Walden: And then we have to unpack the bags.

Wubbzy: We do??

Widget: And then we gotta pitch the tent.

Wubbzy: But that's going to take forever!

Widget: Not if we all work together!

Walden: And after we're done, then you can go look for Flying Frogs.

Wubbzy: Oh.., Okay...




Widget: *Beep, hammering* See now, that didn't take too long.

Walden: No, indeedy!

Wubbzy: Okay, let's go to the frog pond!

Walden: Wait!! Wubbzy!!

Wubbzy: *Screech* Now what?

Walden: We have to find a trail map.

Wubbzy: *Sighs*

Walden: Hmm. Is it in here?

*Clanging, crash*

Widget: I sure thought I put it in here.

Wubbzy: Hey, I don't need a map. I know where the frog pond is!

Walden: But you might get lost!

Wubbzy: There are plenty of signs along the way!

Widget: No no no no, wait, Wubbzy!! You shouldn't go alone!!

Wubbzy: See you at the frog pond!!

Walden: *Sighs* Let's go find that map.

Wubbzy: *Bouncing* See? There's a sign to the pond. *Bouncing* And there's another one. *Bouncing* And there's- Hey... Where's the sign? Oh, there it is. Hmm. I've been to the pond so many times. I'm pretty sure I go... That way.

(Camping area)

*Rattling, clatters*

Widget: Huh. I sure wish I could remember where I put that map.

Walden: *Flap* Is this it?

Widget: Heh. Aha! I knew I'd find it.

(Familiar part of the woods)

Wubbzy: Yup, that tree looks familiar, and so does that rock. *Bounce* But I don't remember the path being this steep. Whoa! I guess I went the wrong way. Of course. It's this way.

Walden: The map says.. it's this way.

Wubbzy: Ah. This is more like it. Oof! *Thud* Hmm. Wrong way again. Maybe I should go back to camp and check the trail map.

Widget: Aha! Here's the frog pond.

Walden: Just like it says on the map.

Widget: And there's the Speckled Flying Frogs!

Frogs: *Ribbiting*

Walden: Yes, but where's Wubbzy?

(Scary part of woods)

Wubbzy: I'm not sure, but I think I'm lost.

*Bird screeches*

Wubbzy: *Gasp* Wow! That sounds like a Giant Beasty Bird.

Birdy Bird: *Flapping, screeches, flapping*

Wubbzy: Phew.


Wubbzy: Wow. I think that's a Pointy-Toothed Wuzzly Wolf.

Chipmunk: *Roars*

Wubbzy: Just a chipmunk. *Giggle*

*Leaves rustling*

Wubbzy: *Gasps* A creepy crawler. Definitely a creepy crawler!

Bunny: *Hopping, sniffs*

Wubbzy: *Sighs* You gotta relax, Wubbzy. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Bunny: *Roars*

(Frog pond)

Frogs: *Ribbiting*

Walden: Maybe one of these frogs can help us find Wubbzy. Let's see now. Ah. Here it is. The call of the Speckled Flying Frog. Ahem. Ribbity ribbity ribbit!

Widget: Oh, come on now, Walden. That there's never gonna work.

Frog: *Lands* Ribbity ribbity ribbit!

Walden: Rib ribbity ribbit ribbit?

Frog: Rib rib ribbity!

Walden: Ribbity ribbity Wubbzy?

Frog: Ribbity ribbity Wubbzy!

Walden: Wubbzy rib rib rib?

Frog: Rib!! *Jumping and ribbiting*

Walden: He says he'll see what he can do.

Frog: *Jumping and ribbiting* Ribbit!! *Jumps, lands*

Wubbzy: Wow! It's a Speckled Flying Frog! He must have come from the frog pond.

Frog: Ribbit!! *Jumps*

Wubbzy: Hey, if I follow him, he'll take me right to the frog pond. *Bouncing* Widget! Walden! *Lands* Boy, am I glad to see you.

Walden: We're glad to see you too.

Widget: Did you get lost there, little buddy?

Wubbzy: Well, just a little. I should've listened to you about that trail map.

Walden: Well, Wubbzy, now you can finally catch some Speckled Flying Frogs.

Frogs: *Ribbiting and splashing*

Wubbzy: No, thanks. Those frogs need to be free so they can help other silly lost creatures.

Widget: Besides, it's getting dark.

Wubbzy: You're right. Which way back to the camp?

Widget: Uh, I'm not sure. Walden, where's the trail map?

Walden: I gave it to you.

Widget: I gave it back to you.

Frog: Ribbit! *Jumping*

Wubbzy: Follow that frog! *Bouncing*

Walden: *Jumping*

Widget: *Jumping*

Frog: *Jumping*

Wubbzy: *Bouncing*

Walden: *Jumping*

Widget: *Jumping*

Wubbzy, Widget & Walden: *Bouncing/jumping and giggling*

[The end]

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