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Wuzzleburg is the fictional town that Wubbzy, Walden, Daizy, and Widget live in. The mayor of Wuzzleburg is Mayor Woozle, who often leads the Flower Day Parade on a pair of stilts. Another major community event in Wuzzleburg is the Doodle Berry Festival.

Notable Residents



Wuzzleburg has a stable economy, with no visible financial deficits. It is run by various shops and restaurants like "Yum! Yum!" by Chef Fritz.


Wuzzleburg has a school that is run by Walden. It also has a library run by Miss Bookbinder.


There is the Wuzzleburg Express and various bus services around the city.


A stage used for concerts and magic shows is present in Wuzzleburg. A stage is seen in The Wubb Club and a movie theater is also seen.

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