Wubbzy's Wacky Journey - Wuzzleburg

Wuzzleburg is the fictional town that Wubbzy, Walden, Daizy, and Widget live in. The mayor of Wuzzleburg is Mayor Woozle, who often leads the Flower Day Parade on a pair of stilts. Another major community event in Wuzzleburg is the Doodle Berry Festival.

Notable Residents


Geographical Location

There is debate on weather not Wuzzleburg is located in a parallel universe or if it is located on Earth. In the episode Fly Us To The Moon, the place where they land back on earth appears that Wuzzleburg is located in the US state of Washington or possibly Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Wuzzleburg has a stable economy, with no visible financial deficits. It is run by various shops and restaurants like "Yum! Yum!" by Chef Fritz.


Wuzzleburg has a school that is run by Walden and Miss Appletree. It also has a library run by Miss Bookfinder.


There is the Wuzzleburg Express and various bus services around the city.


A stage used for concerts and magic shows is present in Wuzzleburg. A stage as seen in The Wubb Club and a movie theater is also seen.


  • According to Gidget. Wuzzleburg was founded in 1853 by Heinrich van Wuzzle.