Wuzzleburg Stack-ums Title Screen

Wuzzleburg Stack-ums is one of the six games that's playable on the Wubb Games website. However, this can't be played without a Wubb Code. Enter STACKY22 to unlock it.


Wubbzy wants the player to stack as many character figures as he/she can.


Click with the mouse to launch the stack-ums, then move with it left or right to move the skateboard or landed stack-ums.


The player must keep building a tall tower of character figures, or stack-ums, before it falls over. First, click to make the spring pad launch one in the air. After, it gets blown to the right, then opens a parachute and slowly falls and moves back and forth. Lastly, you must move the skateboard to make sure the figure will land on it. Another one will be ready to be launched afterwards. Have it land on the previous stack-um, and keep repeating as long as possible.

Be sure that the stack-ums don't land too far on one side or else the tower will wobble. If you land near the edge on which way the tower is leaning or miss the landing, all of the figures will fall off the skateboard and your game will be over.

The background goes upwards and closer to space as the tower gets higher. Eventually, the background will stop scrolling, but you're still able to keep stacking out of its perspective.

You get 10 points for each landed stack-um. You can even score if one lands too far on the left or right side of the leaning tower, making it fall apart. Your final score will be shown when your game ends.

You can also click the music note to turn the music off. Clicking the "?" button will give you instructions on how to play the game.


Made By You (Make It Yourself) plays throughout the game.


  • This game is based on the Kooky Kollectibles toys.
    • Some seen in the game are original and weren't made as toys.
  • Although the title says 'Stack-ums', the help text calls them 'Stackums' (without the dash).


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